August 17, 2002

Yard Sale Saturday
  Saturday, August 17, 2002

Yard Sale Saturday. Today seemed to be dishes day. Found three different 'incomplete' sets of dishes. Some great color here ....

Also found a new pot, an old picture frame dying for a makeover and a funky cow. Added a pair of Rinestone earrings. Also found the Cat Earrings, however, these will be given to a good friend who adores anything cats. Also found (not pictured) a small water fountain, in working condition. Purchased to have onhand the internal water parts.

Just because the findings was so good today, made a quick dash by Bombay; and walaa .. found 4 large pieces of Sytrofoam; perfect molds for some upcoming Sun/Stars project.

And ... to top it all off; Rodney at the Winn Dixie had saved several tubes from meat department paper rolls for me ... potentially another mushroom, and perhaps a 1st birdbath. (Just not enough hours in a day !!!).

What a great YardSale Saturday. (It didn't even rain!!)

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