October 26, 2008

Light of the Universe Tapestry

LueOkay, so it needs something. After a little gazing, decided on silver metallic paint. As the odor is quite noxious, took outside and painted in the lettering. Let dry and applied a second coat. By now, I'm quite high ....

Let dry again. Brought inside , signed, and using sack cloth, ironed it well to take out wrinkles and set the paint. Applied a layer of polyacrylic to the front only.

Steak Pendants

SteakmarkerOkay, so I picked up these steak pendants this morning and they've been sitting on the side table calling me all morning. Went out to the garage and brought in the dremel and some bits to drill holes to turn into pendants.

After a good 15 minutes to complete one hole (these appear to be stainless steele), went to the shed and brought in the drill. Located a bit of the same side and now, the task is much better; about 6-7 minutes each. Put a hole in the top center of 5 of the 10. The drilling left a burr on the back of each, so pulled the dremel back out (along with the deburring wheel) and remove the rough spots.

Pulled out my container of chains and selected some ball chain to make a couple pendants. Selected some warm brown beads and put together with basic findings. Attached it all together.

Think I'll post these two out on Etsy when i get some decent pictures taken.

Blue & Silver Chain - Zipper Pull

Zipper5While I was digging through the chain container yesterday, I dropped a piece of loose bracelet chain on the floor. Picked it up and got to thinking it would look great with some blue & silver beads. Pulled out the blue/green bead container and the findings drawer and .... wa ... la ...a zipper pull. Put together 24 little bead sets with 2-3 beads each and then put on the chain with little jump rings. Added a clasp.

I'm still quite slow at this, put it's getting a better. I'm think I'll also list this on Etsy. Maybe I'll take some time tomorrow to get some thing photod.

October 25, 2008

Light of the Universe

LudDecided I like the saying on the original piece just as it is. I did a Google on the saying so I could give credit where credit was due, however, all the references I checked (and there's a bunch), indicate the saying in anonymous.
  • Outlined the writings with permenant markers. Also added a few squiggles.
  • Took out to the spray box and added some detail stencils with spray paint.
  • Back to the studio for stampings in a variety of colors.
  • Back to paint box for a little more random spray paint.
  • Also painted the back panel with the brick red.

Yard Sale Saturday, October 25, 2008

Only had about 45 minutes for yard sale Saturday ... it's an early LSU game day and Beau needs the vehicle back to leave at 8am. So ... made the three sales that were listed closest to home. No finds at the first two stops, then two pieces of random jewelry and two sets of stainless steele thingies that one would stick in a steak to indicate level of doneness (( Gosh, what are these things really called, anyways) at the third sale. Alas ... weather is beautiful and signs are bountiful ... but, I'd have to use Alex's car and just can't envision me hitting yard sales in a souped up camaro.

October 24, 2008

Light of Universe Tapestry

LuaPicked this wall hanging up at a yard sale (of course) a couple weeks back. I'd hung it on the handle of one of the french doors and it keeps falling off. So, I'm going to work it now and get it out of the way. The piece is canvas cloth, two layers sewed together, somewhat like a sealed pillowcase, with casng through the top for a dowel rod. It has a heavy woven cord for hanging, that is actually quite nice.

Washed and dried. Took to the studio and selected a brick red and slate blue colored paints. Painted the front and hung outside to dry. Chose these colors as the base as I think they will correspond nicely with the woven cord, which I've decided to reuse. Lub

I've been drippling words for possible use.

October 20, 2008

Ode // Painted Guitar

Added tiny gems on the tuning pins and at the bottom of the guitar. Installed a drawer knob on the bottom to act as the stand. I'm quite happy with this piece and am going to consider it completed.

This piece, along with the Summer Nights will be posted for sale over at Etsy.

Summernightsb Summernightse


October 18, 2008

Guitar 2 / Ode

Came out to the studio this morning and started playing with some beads. Then, noticed Guitar 2 hanging unfinished on the wall and decided to was time to move on .... Moved the beads aside and brought down the guitar.

Put the original tuners (sprayed with gold) back on using clear silicone, versus the screws. There are only 4 tuners, versus 6, so layed in a gold medallion over the space of the missing two. Searched through a couple boxes of stuff to cover the tuner posts; settled on clear bobbins. Choose textured yarn for the strings. Secured and wrapped the yarn through the bobins, randomly strung with beads and secured at the base. Using a rug needle, pulled the yarn fibers from under the beads to create a soft texture. Choose a winged metal ornament from inventory, polished and secured at the strings base with the silicone.

Should have taken pictures before it got dark ... they didn't turn out well. I'll take a couple tomorrow ... as I decide how to finish this one off.

Oh ... I'm going to call this one 'Ode' Something may get added to that ... or not.

Yard Sale Saturday, October 18, 2008

The temperatures are beginning to drop into fall; a wonderful 53 degf this morning. Headed out for my alloted 45 minutes. With the falling stock market, we've put ourselves on a budget, so for, at least the rest of the year, I'm holding yard sale treasures to a total of $10.00 per weekend.

Visited 8 yardsales; finds:

  • a piece of black lace (1 yard) and a turquoise blue wide mesh remanant (about 1/2 yard).
  • An assortment of upholestry fringe, edgings
  • 3 chain bracelets
  • 1 Komino pattern
  • Daisy lace
  • 11 spools of thread
  • 2 scarves
  • abunch of of small bead bracelets and a seperate package of beads
  • a giraffe pin
  • Elastic
  • Black Fabric PaintI

It's interesting how similar items show up at different times. Like watches ... I can go weeks without finding a watch, and then for the next couple weeks, I find them many sales. This morning it was sewing stuff. 5 seperate sales had a variety of notions ... I'm getting selective here, though.

October 17, 2008

Sea Blue Bracelet

Bracelet2a Picked up this necklace at Grans a couple weeks ago, primarily for the chain. It has a nice weight to it. I put it on and wore it around for a few minutes, however, didn't like it, much to short ... just slightly larger than a choker. I enjoyed making the last bracelet and decided to give it another go.

Selected several shades of beads in shades of sea greens /blues and crafted this bracelet. I'm still quite slow at this, often taking several times to close those little circles. Bracelet2b

Set the rest of the necklace aside ... I'll use the chain and those pretty white beads on something else.

I've listed this little bracelet on my Etsy shop: http://www.ctstudios.etsy.com

October 16, 2008

Green Apple Necklace Transformation

Greenapplenecklace I picked this necklace up at Grams the week before vacation for more money than I'd usually spend. What I liked about it was the wonderful little beads in a variety of shapes that were kinda like 'green apple'. I picked it up with the idea that I'd seperate the beads and the chain and use them seperately. After looking at it abit, I changed my mind, and instead, reconstructed it into a bracelet and a couple of zipper pulls.

Greenapple1a_8 Greenapple2d Greenapple3b

I've listed these pieces for sale in my Etsy shop: http://ctstudios.etsy.com/

October 13, 2008

Winnie TX - Flea Market

There is a flea market in Winnie Tx that happens the weekend after the first Monday every month. AND, it just so happens, that the Sunday we were coming back from Holiday was this Sunday. Way back when we lived in Baytown we used to go to this market a couple times a year and it was great fun (at least I thought .... Beau would probably have taken the fifth). They kicked us off the ship around 10am and made to to Winnie by 11am.

Well, I was quite dissapointed. This is no longer the flea market of the past ... the one where losts of folks brought their stuff (instead of having a yard sale) and sold it. It's now more like alot of dealers setting up shops and tables and hoping to sell there stuff for a whole lot more than it's worth, or cheap stuff they bought in quantity and trying to resell. I was very disappointed and would probably not go back (even if I did happen to be in Winne on the right day).

BUT ... I did happen across a huge box of patterns. I sat down in the dirt an started shuffling through them. Beau was getting pretty impatient after about 15 minutes (at which point I'd found 3 that I really wanted). I asked the man how much and he said I had to buy the entire box ... WHAT !!! Anyways, Beau said okay and bought the darn box (I'm sure so that he didn't have to hear me be indignant the rest of the way home .. another 4 hours).

Got the box home and spent a good two hours the next day going through it. Wow ... this is alot of patterns. I found about 10 patterns that I wanted; scarves, cowls, and a couple that I'll be sending on to my sister. The rest I divided down by brand and number and put into a large plastic box for storage.

I've decided that I'm going to list all the extras in Etsy. The majority of these patterns are 50s - 70's and some are really great. It's going to be a major chore, however, Have to take them one by one, remove from the envelope (and tape the envelope if there are seam rips), remove and check the pattern pieces and instructions to make sure everything is intact, take pictures and list ... I'm going to try to commit an hour or two a day to this, and with that, maybe I'll have it down in a couple weeks. Ouch !!

If your interested in a vintage pattern, check out my supplies shop at: http://todaystreasure.etsy.com/

October 04, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday, October 4, 2008

The weather is looking so clear and nice that I decided I needed more than the usual 45 minutes for yard sales (Time it takes Beau to run). Dropped him off at the trailhead (he's running home) and started out. Not really as many as I expected (after 6 weeks of weather issues, thought all those planned yard sales would be busting at the seams to get out of the garage). There was a subdivision sale up in Abita Springs I visited. Since parking on our narrow subdivision streets is usually an issue, parked in the front and just walked through the neighborhood. Beautiful morning with a little exercise (of no use really, since I also partook of 2 brownies). Also made half the circle and stopped at 5 more.


  • 4 cans of spray paint for a quarter each
  • A funky little plastic guitar stand. Not sure I'm going to use this, but since I'm working on a couple of guitars at the moment, plust the fact it was just 50 cents, what the heck.
  • A beaded stand necklace
  • Two set of dangling crystals for a chandlier
  • A fringed/beaded string shawl
  • a fined tie-on belt.
  • 2 chain bracelets.

Had to stop at 10am ... Beau was patiently (or not) waiting at home for me to get there and BIS (Behind in seat) to leave for holiday ... have to drive to Bayport, TX to catch the ship

October 03, 2008

Summer Nights - Guitar

Guitar1i Stringing the beads on wire did not work well. When layed on the side, the beads bowed down .. did not hold taught enough. So, after a bit of hemming and hawing, took the strands off one by one, layed out and restrung on jewelry thread. Much better !

I'm going to hang this one on the wall for a couple weeks; at least while I finish the other guitar. During that time, I'll decide if it needs something more, or if it is finished. At that time, I'll take front & back completion photos and whether this piece will be given away, sold, or remain on my wall.

October 02, 2008

Yard Sale Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yep, Thursday. Had a couple bags of stuff to donate to Grans. So, dropped off stuff at the back door and went around to the front to see what they had.


  • Three pieces of upholstery fringe type stuff. I'll put this in one of the lace containers. Might come in useful on a bag.
  • An interesting metal link bracelet ... the type that has two cords of elastic thread.
  • Two belt chains. The tighter link chain has snake heads biting into a larger metal hoop. Purchased these as they are both good chain links for turning into something else (since I'm not much into chain belts).

And ... the Saturday yard sale ads came out this morning and looks like we are back into the yard sale business for my alotted hour.

October 01, 2008

Guitar 1 / Summer Nights

I've decided to call this piece ' Summer Nights'.

Went through my container of washers. Selected three 5" shims, placed into a triangle type position and adhered over the round opening. Choice 6 standard washers with openings the same size as the pegheads; attached. Cut silver and gold bead wire to function as faux guitar strings. Originally I was going to randomly place beads on the strings, however, as a second thought, decided to use very small beads and string the area of the strand that runs the neck. Strung the 6 strands of beads ... which was quite a time consuming task.

Took apart a couple necklaces bought awhile back that had large know type beads. Adhered over the first two pegheads. Guitar1g Guitar1h

We are taking a week holiday starting Saturday. I'd hoped to get these two pieces finished prior to that, however, there's quite a few tasks that have to be accomplished around the house. So, perhaps just this one will get finished.