October 01, 2008

Guitar 1 / Summer Nights

I've decided to call this piece ' Summer Nights'.

Went through my container of washers. Selected three 5" shims, placed into a triangle type position and adhered over the round opening. Choice 6 standard washers with openings the same size as the pegheads; attached. Cut silver and gold bead wire to function as faux guitar strings. Originally I was going to randomly place beads on the strings, however, as a second thought, decided to use very small beads and string the area of the strand that runs the neck. Strung the 6 strands of beads ... which was quite a time consuming task.

Took apart a couple necklaces bought awhile back that had large know type beads. Adhered over the first two pegheads. Guitar1g Guitar1h

We are taking a week holiday starting Saturday. I'd hoped to get these two pieces finished prior to that, however, there's quite a few tasks that have to be accomplished around the house. So, perhaps just this one will get finished.

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