April 11, 2011

The Button Collection is Growing Larger

I'm still cleaning up the back table from Yard Sale Saturday over a week ago ... a small jar of buttons.   

I dumped the buttons out on the table and sorted them out.   Here's the catch. 
A nice little collection.    Only a couple duplicates, so it's my guess this person kept the extra's that come with some garments and perhaps an odd one here and there.  (Versus some that cut the button off everything and there are many duplicates).   

I sort and keep buttons by color groups.    After sorting them, I then move them to plastic zip bags for holding. 
Here's just my white, one folder of blacks and 'the metals'.    I've been saving them (yes, I cut buttons off of garments that are ruined), as well as buying them whenever I come across.   Originally I was going to use use them in 'found art', then charm bracelets, and now, perhaps, a doll here and there.   Or, perhaps I'll not use them at all.    I don't know.   

I do know, however, that the collection will continue !

April 05, 2011

Button Necklaces

On Saturday, at the local Hosanna Church yardsale, I picked up this button necklace. 

It was laying next to a small bottle of buttons.   I picked them both up and dropped them in my bag as I always pick up buttons.  (Certainly not because I need them, I'm just unable to stop myself).     When I pulled it out of the bag, I discovered it was really quite nice and decided not to get out the scissors to cut the buttons off. 

An upclose view shows that it is a macrame button neckace.   I'm not sure how the looped the buttons in (I haven't done macrame in a good 35 years).   I put it on and wore it Saturday afternoon.   It's lightweight, stays in place very nicely, and is fun.   

This, of course, got me to thinking about button jewelry.   So, I headed on over to Artfire to see what the 'button jewelry' artists were up to these days.  

Well, if you want to make one of these, Beachet Crochet Designs has a PDF pattern to create a similar one.   Her pattern is crochet, so perhaps mine is also, versus macrame .... I don't know.  

Here a really nice variation from The Jewelry Workroom.

I really like this choker version as well from Kindred Images.

And this one, from Gregg's Goodies is marvelous.   It's chunky and looks substantial, but I bet it's light as a button  ....

Well, if you don't own an Button Jewelry, you might want to browse around and pick one out.   Wearing it feels so marvelous unique !


April 02, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday, April 2nd

Yard sale is in full swing here in St Tammany.   Due to some family emergencies, however, time was limited so I selected what I considered was going to be the best ... the annual yardsale at the local Hosanna Church.   

Arrived promptly at 8am and was home by 9.     Todays selections ....

  • 4 wood cigar boxes, which were being used as crayon boxes.   I love boxes and these are the perfect size for mixed media fun.   I know I already have a small stack of boxes awaiting creation in the garage, but these were just 50 cents each and they were calling me.
    buttons -- a button necklace, a jar of buttons, and a card of dog and bone buttons.
  • A couple bracelets and necklaces to add to the bead and chain collections.    I know I'll use these someday.   Let me repeat that ... I know I'll use these someday ... I know I'll use these someday ...  I sure hope I use these somedays as I've almost a ton of this stuff. 
  • A bag of braid and some ribbons. 
  • Box of Alphabet (and other) rubber stamps. 
  • A package of unused Daisy Kingdom collars.   I have no idea what I might do with these, but ....
  • Two cross stitch patterns which are Cajun related.   These will go to the cross stitch section of my shop. 
 I'm going to start setting aside (like ya right, I'm that busy) an hour or two each to start playing with my stuff again.