September 26, 2010

Safe Harbor Fund Raising Event, Honey Gold & Vista

The other day, I met a very nice woman who is part of an upcoming event for Safe Harbor House, a domestic violence help organization for women and children.    She is helping to sponsor a fundraiser to benefit Safe Harbor.   In our conversation, she indicated some of the items they had received and other items that people were making to donate.   

Right about there, the lightbulb went on .... the Downsizing Box a Day Project that seems to have fallen on the back burner ... and I immediately committed to donating two pieces of art that I have stored away in the attic. 

On Friday I climbed up the fold-down stairs and started looking.   Well, most of the boxes are gone, but there are stacks of pictures, some framed, some panels and a number of concrete disk works, along with a few tables and mirrors.     I selected two items.  

They took a minimal amount of cleaning.   Surprising how clean the attic actually is ... more dust in the house than the attic. 

The two pieces I chose to donate for this event are :

Honey Gold
18" x 18" Mosaic Mirror
This piece was named for the china pattern of the primary glass.  It also incorporates in a few beads and glass gems.   Believe I created this around 1983.  

32" x 26" Mosaic, framed wall art
I'm not sure that I ever named this piece.   I went back through the Art Diary looking for it, but to no avail, which would imply that it was created 1986 or 1987.    The back was blank.  Apparently, I completed it, and had it hauled on upstairs to make room for the next project.    

I hope these two will assist in raising a few dollars to help a family. 

September 25, 2010

Just Like Moms' Electric Sissors

Last year I added a pair of electric sissors to my Christmas list.   I thought if I ever started any real 'sewing' (you know, versus the pretend) they would come in handy.    Beau bought me a pair online that he claims he even researched and they had good reviews.   The did a real good job cutting paper; but anything more than 1 layer of lightweight fabric, was out of the question.    I decided to keep them, however, as I do periodically go off on paper cutting spells. 

Sometime, earlier in the year, I brought home a big box of fabrics.   Stuck down in the box was a pair of electric sissors.    Although I didn't check to see if they worked, I tucked them away in a cabinet.

The other day, I was processing patterns for the Todays Treasure shop and I came across New Look 6720 and thought I'd make myself a pair of these wonderfully comfortable looking shorts.      I selected a piece of maroon, lightly pattern fabric from the cabinet and then, remembered I had the electric sissors.    Out they came.

Now, these sissors are quite old, evidenced by the lack of a polarized plug.  I cut out and pinned down the pattern and plugged in the sissors.   With great anticipation, I pressed the 'Geaux' button.

I remember in my early teenage years, Mother had a pair just like these, except they were pink; and I was never allowed to use them.   When she had the time, she loved to sew.    She layed the fabric out, and it seemed, just when I was watching something really great on TV, she'd turn them on and the loud HUMMMMMMMM, accompanied the the vibration from the tabletop, would drown out everything.   Well, maybe it's a slight exaggeration, but, they were loud.   Just like these.   And, not only did they make that vibrating I sound I recalled, I could feel the vibration in my hands.    And, do they cut ?   Why yes, they do.   Wonderfully.    The only deficiency I can find is the light doesn't turn.    I'll have to see if these tiny bulbs are still available. 

I image someone became to old to sew, or perhaps past on, and their loved fabrics were put into a yard sale.   Perhaps they were sad; perhaps they didn't care.   But either, whoever you are, I love these sissors and promise to put them to good use.  

Yard Sale Saturday, 9/25/10

A local Church hosted a yardsale to raise funds for their Youth Group.   The sign said it started at 8am.   I drove over around 7:30 with my coffee and a book, thinking I'd just hang out and watch the people until it started.    I don't know what time they actually opened the doors, but it was in full swing when I got there. 

I don't know who oversaw pricing of the donations, but they obviously were not very interested in raising very much money for their youth.    Case in hand, fabric (often several yards), marked at 10 cents each !

I didn't haul very much away, because the truth of it all is I don't need much in the line of arts/crafts supplies, coupled with the fact that I'm supposed to be downsizing !!!  

3 pieces of fabric, each with more than 2 yards.    They have no immediate plans other than inventory.
2 unused rubber stamps for 25 cents each
1 plastic bag with jewelry related items for 50 cents (these also put away as inventory)
A set of Tandy Leather working tools & supplies for $1.00.   I purchased for the tools.   They have a variety of shapes, hearts, leaves, sun, moon, etc.    I don't do leather work (not yet anyway), but thought they could by used on soft metals, clay, etc.   I also kept the leather laces and put in my 'strings' box.   The rest, a couple wallet kits and quite a few leather patterns, I put into a big plastic zip-lock bag and dropped in the Grans Donation box.

Well, although I love a great bargain, just like anything else, $2.30 was way to little for these objects (particularly when the money if for the teens) and I gave them $5.00.   Which still isn't much, but better than the $2.30

September 04, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday, 9/4/2010

As I've going though 'stuff' and trying to downsize just a bit, I haven't been going to yard sales.   The idea seemed abit counter-productive.    Beau, however, each Thursday, has been dutifully laying out the yard sale ads for me ... just in case.   I'll admit, I have looked, with the idea that should one of the churches have a sale, I might consider that.     Which, is just exactly what happened.    This morning the church up above Mr. Fish was having their annual.   And, since I go to that every year, I had to go.  

They didn't have nearly as much 'stuff' as was usual, but still enough to keep me occupied for an hour.  

Finds ....
  • A fabric covered sewing box filled with embroidery threads.    I didn't need the box, and, after taking out the threads, gave it back to them to sell again.    The threads are good timing; I'm running low on the bright colors for the Padillies.
  • A variety of laces.    One of these is a collar that I have immediate plans for; the rest will go to inventory. 
  • 6 Pins ... the type that go on clothing or bags.    Not sure why I'm still collecting these; must have at least 70 or 80 by now.   By, I am, and a quarter each is a fine price. 
  • A necklace made up of different sized silver metal disks.   Think I'll take this partially apart and attach it to a bag.  

Although it was fun, I still don't plan to return to my established yard sale circle until, at least, October, or later.