March 16, 2011

Found Photo of Three Girls

Awhile back I found this photo tucked away in one of my patterns.  I taped the picture to a cabinet door where I can see it frequently.  
I find it so compelling as it makes me realize that we are who we are from the very beginning.   Here we have the three girls.   Two are playing, one barefoot, the other watching on in wonder, while the third girl sits a bit behind.    Her look says it all .... I really don't belong here (with them).  

From the size and the coloring of the original picture, I'd say it was taken in the late 80s.  So, these girls should be in their 30s now.  I would be my projection that the two girls playing may be hands-on people, ready to experiment and take on the world.   Whereas, the 3rd girl, may have grown to become high maintenance and waiting for someone to rescue her.   

I love finding things in these envelope !

March 12, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday, March 12th

Every Thursday the Yard Sale are printed in the Classified section of our local newspaper. Beau pull these out and puts them on the table for me. I browsed through them yesterday and landed on one that said Crafts. Well, okay.

What a beautiful morning it was.
  • 5 Sewing Pattern 
  • A large wallet holding embroidery threads.   This will be real handy for the car; which is where I work on the Padillies.
  • Several booklets - macrame
  • 7 pieces of fabric
Thanks for dropping by,


March 11, 2011

The Extra Stuff

Last week a small lot of 6 quilt 'women' wall hangings caught my eye on Ebay. I waited until the last second, of course, and placed my bid; promptly paid my $15.00  ... and waited.
 This is two of them .. the others are similar, just different ethnicities.   
I went out to pick up the mail yesterday and they were here.   Now, our mailman Bob (who will only walk up to the door if there is no way around it), had stuffed the Flat Rate Envelope into the mailbox.   It was in there so tight, that I actually had to tug in out with one hand while holding the mailbox in place with the other hand, keeping one foot on the pole, just so I didn't pull it out of the ground.  Seriously; this is only a slight fabrication. 

Heading back to the house, I was thinking that these patterns are typically a couple pages each and I was expecting the whole package to be about 10oz, not nearly 3 1/2 pounds.    It didn't take much to get it open; the tug-of-war with the mailbox had already put a couple substantial tears in it.    And, what did I find ????

Well, there were the 6 patterns that I had purchased along with alot of other stuff.   Let's see, odds and ends of some stitchery kits, misc. about a dozen iron-on transfers, a couple stitchery kits, along with a fair amount of other loose stitchery pages.   Also, three of four large quilt templates, and other sheets with quilt template borders and then a couple little packs of partially cut out (fabric included) applique pieces.

So, I'm standing in my studio thinking ... What's up with this ... when my eyes land on one of my stacks of stuff (I know I cleaned them out two weeks ago; but they are re-accumulating).  And the idea hit home. 

My biggest problem with my stacks is it is typically 'Good' stuff, quite useable, but I don't have a designated place or system for it.   Thus, it just stacks up awaiting a decision.   And, the reality of my stacks are, when I finally get to them it's usually stuff I just get rid of ... Freecycle or local thrift stores.   

Which got me to picturing the shipper mailing me these 6 patterns.   Since I'd paid for a flat rate envelope, she's just gift me one of her stacks.   Like a freebe.  

They are now in my stack .....  I'll have to consider this concept next time I upgrade someone to a flat rate envelope and there is some room left over.

March 09, 2011

Next Pattern Donation to Pattern Rescue

As one would expect, not every pattern that I acquire for my shop is in, what I would call, sellable condition.   I typically will reject a pattern if it is missing major pieces, has no instructions or has been altered to the point that returning it to original condition is just to much hassle.
 These rejects really are not as many as one might expect; perhaps one out of  20.    As I accumulate these, I store them in a container by brand/number (sometimes missings pieces are found in the wrong envelopes).
 But, at some point, it's time to let go.   Typically when I finish processing lots that came in together.

Pattern Rescue to the Rescue .... Literally.   Pattern Rescue link

Over the last year I've sent them a bunch of my rejects and I always hope they put them to great use.   If you've not check them out, gander on over ....

March 08, 2011

Maisey, Heart Art Doll

Hi.   I'm Maisey.  Fifth in the Heart Art Doll Practice sessions.    I almost didn't come about being today when it was discovered the Current Channel on TV was  having an 'This American Life' Telethon.  But, in the end, it was set up to DVR to watch in installments.     And, here I am.
Let me tell you, it was no easy feat.  First off, although the instructions do not specifically say this, only lightweight cottons should be considered in my attire.  But, I started with a dress of medium weight cotton (seriously, one could upholster a chair with this stuff), and then to add insult to injury, a vest was added, front and back.  Now, mind, you, I know this is a semi-stylish outfit, but, my neck size is about 1" across with the opening at the top, so all that fabric from these linebacker shoulders and squared off behind, had to squeeze through my tiny neck.   That what I mean about the injury.  I was poked with pencil erasers, tugged with safety pins, and at one point, SHE even had may head clasped in her teeth while she tugged at my bottom quarters!.   I was bruised and battered and had to be steamed to get the wrinkles out.    Now, I know you think I'm exaggerating here, but LOOK AT ME.   My mouth was stretched from the petite little heart of my sisters, to these huge, tribal lips.   And, my sexy almond eyes are now flying disks.   It's almost more than I can bear.  

March 05, 2011

Tams, Heart Art Doll

Hi, I'm Tams.   I'm fourth in the Heart Art Shelf Sitter Doll practice.    And, if I can say so myself, I'm looking pretty good !

What do you think of my outfit?   Some may comment on overuse of black and orange in my wardrobe.  I could come up with some great lines .... like I bleed black and orange for my favorite team, or I'm always prepared for Halloween, but the truth is, orange matches my hair nicely and I've heard that black is very slimming.

I was placed on the table this afternoon for review and evaluation and it was suggested that my head was slightly crooked.   OMG, how cruel these humans can be !  

P.s. :  It has been decided that my (and that of my future sisters) perfect weighting factor is one and a half cups of plastic pellets.  AND, if  my sisters are going to be as overstuffed as I am (we are not calling it a weight problem), that corresponding thread must be used!

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March 03, 2011

More Work on the Dollies

 Presenting my second and third practice dollies. 

Now are those faces only a Mother could love, or what?  These two went better than the first.  (Isn't that the way it goes however ... with practice, they get better).    These are from the same pattern instruction set as the first .... Hearts and Bows from Divas Cloth Doll Creations.     Improvements from my first doll ..
It takes 1 1/2 cups of the plastic pellets for the bottom to support the upper weight.   When stuffing the doll, you have to hold her upright or the plastic pellets rearrange themselves up these sides and thus, make her a leaning, or on her side, doll. 
It takes at least 3 times more stuffing to fill her solid than I would have expected. 

I'm going to make a couple more.   This is a good, basic doll, for practice.   By this, I mean that the body itself takes little time to put together, allowing one to work on design of the doll features and accessories themselves.    AND, I definitely need some practice on those faces !

I'll be starting a couple more this afternoon.