March 09, 2011

Next Pattern Donation to Pattern Rescue

As one would expect, not every pattern that I acquire for my shop is in, what I would call, sellable condition.   I typically will reject a pattern if it is missing major pieces, has no instructions or has been altered to the point that returning it to original condition is just to much hassle.
 These rejects really are not as many as one might expect; perhaps one out of  20.    As I accumulate these, I store them in a container by brand/number (sometimes missings pieces are found in the wrong envelopes).
 But, at some point, it's time to let go.   Typically when I finish processing lots that came in together.

Pattern Rescue to the Rescue .... Literally.   Pattern Rescue link

Over the last year I've sent them a bunch of my rejects and I always hope they put them to great use.   If you've not check them out, gander on over ....

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