May 31, 2009

Vacation, Day 18 - San Francisco

1st up today is the Golden Gate Bridge. Drove the short distance over and parked ... had to pay the meter of course, everywhere here has a parking meter (The other day, had to pay a parking meter to go into the post office). It is chilly .. perhaps in the low 50's, but the fog has, at least, cleared the top of the bridge. Once we got moving, we warmed up slightly so at least we were not miserably cold while we walked. The walk itself is 1.7 miles and is very nice. The views looking both ways are spectacular and it's fun to watch the ships, sail boats and kiyakers is quite fun. There were a good number of folks out walking. Although it remained cold, I'd do this one again.

Then, we asked Sophie (our Garmin device) for lunch places, and choose Lou's delicatessan. When we got there, Lou's was not at the location (must have gone out of business) so we choose a pizza place instead. Then, headed to our next planned stop, the deYoung museum in Golden Gate Park. All the the entrances to the park were closed though. We saw a couple saws indicating there was some garage where you could park and take a shuttle to the park, however, could not figure out where it was ((( and finding a place to park on the streets here is like counting on a miracle )) so we gave up and drove across the Golden Gate to Sausilito where we browsed the main street and enjoyed the Starbucks ( and, it was only chilly, versus cold, there ).

Drove back across the bridge and drove up the hill to Golden Gate Recreation area and took in a variety of the cliff views, as well as the beach and military area in the back. On the way out, just missed a stop light and was sitting when we noticed a sign that said it was a 5 minute red light. When (after 5 minutes) it turned green, we discovered why ... the road led into a one way tunnel. Interesting.

Back to the hotel (about 5pm now), where we relaxed abit then walked back into Fisherman's Wharf for some dinner ... La Margarita's ... which, I now know, I wouldn't recommend to even someone I didn't like.

It's damp and cold here, and I'm so ready to go home.

May 30, 2009

Vacation, Day 17 : Santa Cruz to San Francisco

yesterday, while at the Flea Market, saw set up in progress of a really big corner yard sale (meaning it was taking up an entire corner lot) to benefit the local humane society. They wouldn't let us in until Saturday. So, we got up at 6:30 a.m. and after a quick cup of coffee, headed over. (I wanted Beau to come so he wouldn't get bored hanging around the hotel room, and he wanted to come because he thought I was was afraid I'd get lost and wanted him to come). Regardless ... off we went. When we got there, there were already a good 60 folks lined up and as the clock hit 7:am, the hosts said go and everyone started running to the preferred areas. Really quite funny. Once I got started, I was sad that it wasn't a local sale ... there were so many books and supplies that I would love to have scooped up. As it was, I was limited by remaining space and weight in my luggage. After many decisions, I ended up with two cookie containers of old buttons, around 100 tubes of tri-chem fabric paint, 15 old copies of Threads Magazine and one hardback book on Wirewrapping. The large flea market we went to yesterday was just a block down the road, but going back there would have pushed Beau over the boundary line and I left it alone.

Back at the room, we had some continental breakfast, finished packing up and headed down the road. Had to make a stop at the post office to ship two flat rate boxes ... the books, paints, keys, buttons and the cast metal chess pieces home. Amazingly enough, the two boxes came to 48 pounds ... that would have really topped my baggage weight limit !

The only stop we made was Half Moon Bay, where we had some lunch at Half Moon Bay Coffee Company and wandered down the street of the usual touristy town kinda shops.

We arrived at San Francisco about 2pm and checked into yet another Comfort Inn. We're about 8 blocks off The Wharf, so after a short recap and planning, walked down and looked through the really junky tourist attraction shops, walked the pier a bit and had a nice dinner at Pompeii's Grotto. I think the plan is to start tomorrow with a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

May 29, 2009

Vacation, Day 16 : Monterey to Santa Cruz

Okay, I'm getting really tired of restaurants and checking in and out of hotels ....

We left Monterey this morning and proceeded up Highway 1. The first stop was in Castroville, Home of the Artichoke. We stopped at a stand and ordered up some fried artichoke hearts. Now, I'm not usually much of an artichoke fan, but these were delicious. Also bought some black licorce, cherries and pineapple. Next to the stand in Castroville, an honorary artichoke statue has been erected. It's made of concrete and is situated right in the building alcove. (Wonder what came first ... the building or the concrete artichoke). Artichoke link ....

The a stop at the Elkhorn Slough . I was damp and windy so we didn't take the walks, however, met a really nice and informative woman at the visitor center and learned all kinds of stuff about farming in this section of the country.

Off to Santa Cruz. Beau had discoved a Flea Market open on Fridays and we went straight there. Two finds ... a ball of yarn (like I need anymore), and a container (perhaps 200) of keys. We then inquired on our Garmin for food and was guided off to Tortilla Flats for lunch. We have so been enjoying the mexican food here in California; it's quite different from either the Tex Mex we had grown acustomed in Texas or the bland facsimile they prepare in our section of Louisiana.

We checked into yet another Comfort Inn and spent the rest of the afternoon repacking our luggage so we only have to carry one bag into the hotel at the next stop.

We headed into town and walked around the mall and had burgers and fries at Armadillo Willy's over in Capitola. Overall, quite a nice day.

May 28, 2009

Vacation, Day 15 - Monterey CA

We decided to start the day with Breakfast at Dennys since we didn't think a picnic lunch was going to start out. Usually, if we eat a large breakfast, we don't get hungry again until dinner.

Then, drove back South to the Julia Phiffer State Park. There's a nice little walk there to an 80' waterfall, that's well worth seeing. From the time we left the car, to the waterfall lookout (at the Burns homestead) and all the way back to the car, this little bird followed us. We stop, and the bird would be perched somewhere near us. We got to joking about how perhaps birds were assigned jobs as we visitors arrived. And, this little bird was charged with making sure we stayed on our paths, got safely back to our car and got out of the park. Fun idea.

Then, on down the road to the Henry Miller Library. Quite an 'old-hippie' kinda place. Young folks playing guitar, playing kick-ball, drinking hot tea and setting up for a concert later that evening. We browsed through the books. Here's an interesting installation at the entry ... It's made with old crt terminals, rebar and electrical wire.

From there, we ventured on to the Point Lobos State park and took two hikes; one to see the seals and a second through some old tree stands with remarkable coast views.

Then, back to the hotel for a rest, followed by a stroll through Cannery Row in Monterey and dinner at Bubba Gumps ((( Great food and agressive service)

Lilly is 10 Months Old today

Today is Lilly's 10 month Birthday. Happy Birthday you sweet little girl !!!!

(Since I've suffering Lilly withdrawals, here Momma was sweet enough to send me a picture to hold me over)

Can't wait to get home and see her.

May 26, 2009

Vacation, Day 13 - Santa Maria to Morro Bay

Had a little continental breakfast, packed up the car and left Santa Maria headed for Guadalupe. Beau found a paragraph in the Coast Highway Book book the largest sanddunes in the US in Guadalupe. Since it wasn't too far out of the way, we had to visit. Well, those are some really big sand dunes. Some of the dunes are upwards of 80 feet tall and the go along the coast line for miles. The book indicated they had filmed part of Ten Commandments here, and instead of dismantling the movie set, they just covered it over in sand. (I know, doesn't sound to believeable to me either). The mast majority of the dunes are roped off to keep us folks out of them. Their appears to be some type of bird ground dweller nesting in the dunes. It was something to see. Plus we spent a good hour or so walking the beach, collecting some interesting thin rocks (to drill holes into) and watching the 1/2 dozen surfers out practicing their skills. On the way out, we came across an authentic mexican bakery, where I picked up an assortment of cookies and pastries to lunch on over the next couple of days.

We had a picnic in a little roadside park in Bismo beach and headed for San Luis Obispo. We thought we'd find something similar here to San Juan Capistrano, but were wrong. San Luis Obispo is a working catholic church on beautiful grounds. Our little book indicated their was something called Gumball Alley here. That an alley between two stores where over the last (not sure how many, but alot), folks have been sticking the ABC gum on the walls. Apparently it's built up, creating displays and sculptures all of their own. Each person we asked gave us slightly different directions (although everyone knew what we were talking about), on where it was. After a book purchase and some coffee, we gave up and headed on to the next stop. I'm sure this is something we'll regret ....

Two Very Tall Giraffe's in Morro Bay

I saw these two very tall giraffes outside a shop in Morro Bay and took quite a liking to them. I'd guess they were 12 feet tall and seemed to be made of some type of lightweight wood. The are two pieces and attach at the lower neck. I think they were something like $135./each.

Did I mention I really liked them. I'd love to have something like this, more in the 6 or 7 foot range to place on each side of the fireplace. I'm thinking papier mache and might try to put together a plan in a month or two (since I'm planning on painting the fireplace and doing a little design change anyway.

Looking at these remind we of being way back in the 5th grade. Their, one of the janitors built wood forms out of lumber and we kids wrapped them in layers of balled up newspaper, to shape a horse, and then mucho layers of papier mache and painted brilliantly fun colors. Believe when the were done, we gave them to the Kindergarten Class to ride on. Hummm ... it would be so fun to make something like that for Lilly.

May 25, 2009

Vacation, Day 12, Santa Barbara to Santa Maria

In on the the Travel Books, Beau saw their was a local festival where the artists draw in pastels/chalk in the pavement at the local church mission. It's a benefit where sponsors have purchased the space and paid the artists a stipend. The fundraiser comes from the extra from renting the space for the art and the shirts and food that are on sale. As there is little rain, the art is subjeced primarily to foot and car traffic. Whatever remains in July is power washed away. Apparently the sponsor for each piece gave the artist a theme (for example, coffee, marine, a religious icon, etc, and the artist was allowed to create anything they wished within the theme. Today was the final day for the work. The artists range from children at the local schools to, obviously, professional artists. Many of the pieces were already finished, but a couple were still in progress. The majority of these pieces are incredible.

Post the 4 pictures

Then, we saw signs for 2 yards sales. Can you believe that, yardsales on a Monday. The first two were a bust, but found a bag of assorted yarns and fibers for $3.00 and the third yardale that just materialized as we were finding ourway out. Now, these yarns are growing an interesting subject. I've frequently said that I seem to find things at yard sales in series. For example, for a couple months I see watches, colored pencils or irons at a lot of them, and then nothing. Well, it's like that right now with yarns and fibers. The big surprise is that I'm finding them both at home, as well as here in numerous spots on the west coast. I mentioned this to the woman yesterday (who was a fiber and jewelry artist), and she said she didn't know why but foks did not purchase many fibers pieces during the summer months. So, it was a time she routinely went through her materials to weed out the colors that were last winters and get ready for next season. So, obviously, I'm buying up last years colors. Beau keeps asking me what I'm going to do with all this ... and well, ummm ... I don't know.

My feet have been hurting, which after a couple hours makes the legs hurt and then I get a bit groucy. Of course, last years weight gain has alot to do with it, but also is the fact that I left my Birkenstocks at home (what was I thinking). Last night we looked up the closest Birkenstock Store and discovered it to be in Solvang, which is about 30 miles inland from Santa Barbara. I was expecting a dry little desert town, but was in for a big surprise. Seems awhile back, someone built a hotel with dutch archetechure and it caught on. Then, they filmed the movie, Sideways, there and it became very popular with tourist groups. The town grew and grew .... probably a couple hundred little shops, hotels, restaurants. And, to make it more interesting, by city ordinance, they allow no corporate chains ... no Starbucks, no Comfort Inn, etc. All little Mom & Pop type places. One of the horse and buggy drivers told Beau they get over 3500 tourist buses a year .... that's alot of shopping. It was fun looking around, and I bought myself a new pair of Birenstocks and hopefully, my feet will be much happier.

Then, off to Santa Maria where we must do a couple loads of laundry, have some dinner, plan tomorrow and get some sleep.

May 22, 2009

Vacation - Day 9,

This morning we made the drive back down to Point Loma, the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary, where my friends Cherie & Harry are interred. This was one of the major reasons I wanted to start our vacation in San Diego, and I was so happy to find them. Fort Rosecrans is a beautiful place. The boy scouts were coming in to place the flags for Memorial Day, and there was a funeral in progress with the gun salute. I was thankful I'd found them.

We saw this huge white castle looking building from the freeway in La Jolla and took the exit immediately to see what it was. Turned out, it's a Church of The Latter Day Saints. Massive does not describe it. Nor does just white in color ... it seems to sparkle as those silver filaments are embeded in the concrete. We drove into the parking lot, got out to take a couple pictures and then left. The only thing I could think was if a church can afford to be this oppulent, then they certainly don't need a tax exempt status.

In Dana Point, we got back on the Pacific Coast Highway. We had a picnic on a nice little strentch of beach, and stopped by the Boca Chico Environmental Reserve ... what a great place. Spent the night in Huntington Beach.

May 21, 2009

Vacation - Day 8 San Diego to Dana Point

Started out quite hazy this morning, but it burned off quickly. Our plans were to start the movement North (have to be in San Francisco by June 2nd).

We started with the drive up to Mt. Soledad. I was pretty sure my friends Cherie and Harry were interred there. But, a stop by the visitors center proved me wrong. Mt. Soledad is just a Veterans Memorial, no one is actually buried there. We went to the top anyway as there are spectacular views from the top. We were stopped at the entrance, appears with Memorial day approaching there was a special military event in progress and only family members were allowed. So, traced back down.

Had a nice lunch on the beach in Carlsbad and then trekked up to San Juan Capistrano, where we toured the Mission. Nice bit of history and incredible gardens. Well worth our $17.00 and 3 hours time.

Then, a short drive back to Dana Point (gosh, we were just here last weekend for the Doheny Festival), and checked into our hotel, dinner, some TV, and research the upcoming destinations.

On a thought, I sent an email to Sheridan, who said Cherie and Harry are interred at Ft Rosecrans, so we'll drive back down to San Diego in the morning.

May 20, 2009

Vacation - Day 7 - El Cajon & Back

I grew up in El Cajon, a dry and gritty town of 95000 about 20 miles inland from San Diego. We drove there this morning to visit Mary. Mary was the mother of my best friend (who has passed) and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank her for the many kindnesses she offered through the years as well as find out where Cherie & Harry were interred. Unfortunately, we learned that Mary had also passed about 6 months ago. I am very sad and hope to learn that Thank You's and expressions of love and appreciation should never be put off, as the opportunity may never come again.

As far as El Cajon goes, as far as a new town center, it's changed very little and it's doubtful that I'll ever go back there again.

We drove back into San Diego and we visited Balboa Park for the afternoon. Late afternoon we went back to the hotel, and while sitting by the pool reading our books, a large high school graduation group hit the pool. At one point, there were over 35 teenagers (seniors) in the pool. It was so great ... I'd say the kids were hispanic, asian, white and black and, not only were they all getting along wonderfully, their mouths were clean (nary a foul utterance). We've seen alot of this type of thing over the last week ... different ethnic groups getting along wonderfully, and I so hope that we can see this moving to the southern areas soon!

Nothing exciting for there ... a trip by Michaels Craft Store for some elastic cord (my favorite bracelet broke), a routine dinner at Gordon Besch Brewery (Beau so does love trying new beer), and a stroll through the mall.

Vacation - Day 6 - Around San Diego

No huge plans for the day ... just out and about ... basic sightseeing kind of stuff.

Started off with a visit to Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma. Only being 10am, it was quite chilly up there, but as the fog/haze started burning off, it has incredible views of the city and Coronado. Visited the original lighthouse, watched movie about the tidal pools at the visitor center and took a couple short walks

Back to the city for lunch. We were headed for a Chinese place (a POI on Garmin), but it had alot of orangish looking pictures in the window, which made the food look not at all appetizing, so ate at the Subway next door. One just can't go wrong with Subway. After lunch, made our first visit to the gas station ... gas here is about 75 cents/gallon more than home, which I think, has to do with the upgraded SMOG issues.

We made the drive across the bridge to Coronado Island and we walked around the Hotel del Coronado and down the beach aways. I collected a handful of small black and white shells to make a charm bracelet with when I get home ... kinda a memory bracelet. After that, a drive back across that incredible bridge and a stop by Seaport Village.

Seaport Village
is like a perfect tourist trap shopping kinda place. Lots of little shops with mostly inflated prices. We had two ice cream cones, which were over $14.00 combined. But, Beau found a really fun whirly gig at a kite shop, which he plans on hanging on the back deck at home. I found a great T-Shirt with Big Dog playing pool for Alex at the Big Dog shop.

Back at the hotel, sat in the hottub for awhile and rested. Then off to Outback for dinner. We'd planned on going to Blue Water Seafood, which Beau had seen on the Dives, Diners & DriveIns show on the Food Channel, but he pulled up the site to find the hours and saw the only sides they had were salad and rice and a good number of the reviews said the folks were uppity. So, there went that, and off to the familiar Outback, who almost always serve up a good and consistent meal. Then, over to Borders Book Store for coffee and book looking. (Seems we frequently go to book stores on vacation !).

Overall, a good day ... Beau is on (as usual) remarkable behaviour.

May 18, 2009

Vacation - Day 5 : Return to San Diego

Back to San Diego, which had been our intention. We'd just made the short detour up to San Clemente for the Doheny Blues Fest. We made a stop at the Oceanside visitor center (really nice folks in there), and they suggested we take the scenic route drive along the coast between there and La Jolla. It was a great suggestion; made a couple stops to view the beach. One of the wonderful things about this area is the level of activity; you can see people walking, running, skating and just out and about in general. That's versus our Southern heat mentality where you drive around and just assume there are people in those houses. Made a stop by Pacific Taco in La Jolla for lunch ... we are currently hung up on fish taco's (thank you Pam).

The plan for the afternoon is the USS Midway. Beau is a huge military vessel fan, and I'm a huge fan of Beau, so, there you go. We walked up and down, and up and down, and up and down, to see the quarters, the galley, sick bay, the laundry, the quarters, etc. etc. etc. Also saw a good number of vintage planes and Beau greatly enjoyed talking to some of the volunteers. Ended up spending the whole afternoon, it was 5pm by the time we left and, at least I, was growing abit tired.

So, drove into our next Comfort Inn, in Hotel Circle, showered and took a short rest. Then, dressed and headed into the Lamplight District downtown to RockBottom Brewery. We always try to visit the brewery's ... Beau loves beer, and, like I already said, I love Beau, so why not. The said the beer 'just okay, certainly nothing to drag home, but our dinners were very good.

Back to the room and some sleep; gotta do it all over again tomorrow and being away from home is quite exhausting !

May 17, 2009

Vacation - Day 4 - Doheny Blues Festival, San Clemente

2nd day of the Doheny Blues Festival, and what a line-up. Keb'Mo' was doing a solo thing, but we got a bit hung up getting out the hotel and missed him. We arrived right after lunch, and got back around 8:30pm. Today we enjoyed ....
  • Coco Montoya
  • Tommy Castro Band
  • Buckwheat Zydeco
  • Derek Trucks Band
  • Sharon Jones
  • BB King
Just like yesterday, some good food and outrageous drink prices. Interestingly enough, we met some folks from Slidell, who flew in specifically for this festival; BB King I think. Beau also came across some Gator fans and they had a discussion or two.

Vacation Day 3 - Doheny Music Festival

We came to San Clemente to attend the Doheny Blues Festival at the Dana Point State Beach. When we decided to come to California I started looking for a music event, and, this is it!. The festival runs from 11am to 8:30pm today.

We spent the morning doing some shopping, yard sales and such and then drove over to Dana Point (about 5 miles) around noon. The parking area was full, so we had to ride a shuttle bus back and forth to high school parking. Our lineup today : Elvin Bishop, Rick Estrin, Keb' Mo' and Grace Potter. It would have been nice to stay and see Brian Setzer (always fun), but it was getting downright chilly and, even with pants, we were undressed. (Tomorrow we'll wear an extra layer or two). No pictures for the event; darn batteries died.

Pros -- Besides the Music .... The Music was Great
  • Incredible setting on the beach.
  • Green Grass
  • Music rotated being stages and you didn't have to rotate with it.
  • Good Food
  • Not too crowded, folks not packed in on top of each other
  • Plenty Port-a-lets
  • Good Sound Systems
  • Shuttle bus price very reasonable ($5./person .. in comparison to Jazz Fests $20.)

  • Cost of beverages outrageous - $7.00 for a large cup of beer; $2.00 for a cup of coke (about 1/2 a can).
  • Art/Vendors ... Pretty consistently same old stuff ... ladies tops/dresses, jewelry, purses ..
  • Vendor displays right in the middle of prime seating areas.
  • You have to set up a money account and pay with a card for food/beverage purchases.

After Beau got over the shock of beer pricing (which kept his consumption down), we had a pretty good time.

Stopped by a Stuft Pizza place for some dinner before heading back to the hotel for the night.

May 16, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, 5/16/09 - San Clemente, CA

Just because I'm not at home, doesn't mean I can't go participate in Yard Sale Saturday, right? After checking into the hotel last night, picked up both the newspapers and looked for ads ... nothing listed. But, after breakfast this morning, we headed out for some shopping ... (brought mostly shorts and need more long pants ... it's abit chilly around here). On the way, we found two yard sales, that actually ended up being 5 as one was 4 houses together. At the 1st four, found an interesting set of extremely heavy chess pieces. It's not a complete set, however, as soon as I saw them, realized they belonged in a wall piece with blocks that I've in progress in my mind to start on as a June project. Sold - $2.00.

Then, as we were following signs to the 2nd yard sale I made an illegal U-Turn on the mail street (heck there were no cars coming either way), and on came the red lights from a Motorcycle Patrolman. Busted ... I admit it. He mentioned that he was sure crossing the double yellow line like that was illegal in Louisiana as well, and I admitted that I was WRONG, and he told me to be careful, he hated to ruin our vacation and let me go. Okay .... I'm not on good driving behaviour, for at least the next 36 hours, until we leave San Clemente.

At the next (and last) yardsale, selected 6 pieces of interesting yarns. THE WOMAN IN CHARGE, saw me selecting the skeins, scooped up a bag and told me I could have them all for the price of the 6. Well, what the heck, they are light. Also found two craft kinda books on purses that looked fun. I'll look at them at the festival this afternoon.

May 15, 2009

Vacation - Day 2 - San Diego

I left San Diego when I was 21 years old ... that's 29 years ago. Except for a one two-week visit, I've never returned. There is no specific reason that I stayed away, I just never had any specific reason to come back. I found it immediately interesting that I mostly know my way around. Although there is substantial growth and changes here, it's still the same. I'd forgotten how chilly the beach areas are in May and immediately knew we largely brought the incorrect clothing for this particular trip. I'd forgotten how spottedly beautiful it here. By spottedly, I mean, in occupied areas, where we people water, its lush and beautiful. Flowers are in bloom everywhere ... almost to the point of growing wild. These is then surrounded by hills and valleys, blocks, sections of a yard, etc., of harsh and dry brush and weeds; a fire waiting to happen. Its like paradise surrounded by upcoming disaster. It's comfortable.

This particular hotel did not serve breakfast, so we headed out for Denny's, planning a large meal to hold us to dinner. We then checked out of the hotel, loaded the car and headed to the San Diego Zoo for our first planned day. Now, it's probably been 32 or more years since I've been to the zoo and I figured they must have something pretty incredible going on here for the admission price of $32.00/person when the rest of the country averages below $15.00. Plus, I wanted to show this beautiful place to Beau. Well, it is incredible, but, in my opinion, much of it has to do with the adundant flowers and greenery; it's like a zoo amonst a huge tropical garden. We spent 6 hours walking around and viewing. Think we saw about 60% or so; got lost a couple times. It is incredible. Worth $32./person, I think not ... but still incredible.

We left; me with very tired feet, and started our drive North to San Clemente where we checked into the Comfort Inn.

After a stop by the liquor store, where Beau happily discovered the sell Fat Tire Beer, and a rest, we headed out to find some supper. On a side street, we discovered Avila's El Ranchito and had another really great Mexican dinner, along with guac and margaritas. Followed that up with a walk down the street towards the beach and coffee with carrot cake from a street shop, before heading back for the night ... my feet still abit tired.

Vacation -- Day 1

So, we made the 7 hour trip via Southwestern flight to Memphis and then another to San Diego. It was a painfully boring set of flights. I do not do well in small confined spaces and have a tendency to wiggle extensively trying to find just one comfortable position. Beau is incredible patient.

We arrived around noon, picked up our rental car and checked into our hotel. By 1pm, we were having a really good lunch and pitcher of margaritas at Cafe Coyote in Spanish Old Town. After lunch, we wandered through some of the shops and a few of the historic buildings. I bought a fun dangly charm bracelet from a glass artist. But, we grew tired (should have just had a margarita, versus the pitcher) and headed back to the room for naps.

We noticed on our way back to the room that our hotels had owl statues on the landings, apparently to keep away the birds .... perhaps not so effective.

Early evening we headed down to the beach. I decided to start Beau on the lowliest of beaches (uphill from here), also one of my favorites from teenhood, Ocean Beach. It appears in the 30 years I last visited this beach, its been taken over the the surfers. What used to be raging bonfires and a main street with multiple head shops, are now surf wear and accessories. We walked the pier and up and down the main street. Contemplated eating at Hodads, but the truth was 1) we were'nt really hungry and 2), there was a line at least 20 people out the door and my dear Beau is really not into lines. Instead, we had Starbucks coffee and headed out.

Then, on to Mission Valley for some brief shopping. It's chilly here in the beach regions. I'd forgotten that. We packed mainly shorts and quickly understood that we were going to need a couple pair more pants. Then back to the room for the night. An exciting lot we are !

May 05, 2009

A Set of Painted Wrist Cuffs with sayings

I've actually been working on these off and on all week ... a couple minutes here and there. First, Lilly came to Visit for 4 days, and right before she left, Pam & Stella arrived for Jazz Fest, and, of course, Jazz Fest itself ... leaves little time to get much done.

Anyway, cut 2" stripes (of various lengths), from the painted canvases I'd created a couple months ago. I transferred writings into a photoshop document and printed out onto fusible canvas fabric. Cut felt stripes to match up with the canvas. Fused and stitched them all together. I originally planned on attaching snaps to these (bought a bunch of snaps last week), however, the snaps I bought do no line up with the tools I have (great planning). So, I went ahead with the fusible Velcro as I know I won't get back to shopping before we return from vacation in June.

I finished them up this afternoon, took the pictures and labeled them for inventory. It will probably take me a week or two to get them posted on Artfire, as I still have not finished listing the last set with the lace. (Or perhaps, some of them might sell at the Trailhead this weekend).

I like this set ... each set is just a little better than the previous. They are thin, comfortable and move nicely.

Toe Rings and Margaritas

The last two nights we've sat on the back porch with Pam, watching Stella swim in the hottub, and drinking Margarita's. As it would be near impossible for me to just sit, I pulled out a collection of beads, some elastic cord and put together a bunch of toe rings. I made three of them for myself last year and am still wearing them ... surprising at how well they hold up. (The ones Beau bought me for Christmas last year have already bit the dust). After beading and tieing them, I'm putting a dab of clear caulk on the knot, and sliding the knot inside the large bead for protection.

Anyway, they were great amusement. I'll keep a couple for myself (a girl really needs a toe ring to coordinate with different outfits) and the rest I'll put into the next shoe ... on Saturday.

May 02, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday

Although it's a Jazz Fest Day, we don't leave until 10am, which gave me a fair amount of time for yard sales. Visited 6 .... Todays finds :

  • Two tins with interesting patterns. I've been thinking about cutting shapes from these and experimenting with them as small charm, dangly type things.
  • A Metal Belt
  • A Journal Book
  • A set of salt & pepper shakers. (I saw some great S&P wood shakers last week at Jazz Fest .... thinking of creating a set of my own to liven up the dinner table abit.
  • 5 small stamps and an ink pad
  • A small assortment of Jewlery pieces
  • A wood box filled with misc. mixed blocks ... these are going to become a mixed media wall piece sometime soon.
  • 2 metal skateboard toys
  • 1 large Spring