May 05, 2009

A Set of Painted Wrist Cuffs with sayings

I've actually been working on these off and on all week ... a couple minutes here and there. First, Lilly came to Visit for 4 days, and right before she left, Pam & Stella arrived for Jazz Fest, and, of course, Jazz Fest itself ... leaves little time to get much done.

Anyway, cut 2" stripes (of various lengths), from the painted canvases I'd created a couple months ago. I transferred writings into a photoshop document and printed out onto fusible canvas fabric. Cut felt stripes to match up with the canvas. Fused and stitched them all together. I originally planned on attaching snaps to these (bought a bunch of snaps last week), however, the snaps I bought do no line up with the tools I have (great planning). So, I went ahead with the fusible Velcro as I know I won't get back to shopping before we return from vacation in June.

I finished them up this afternoon, took the pictures and labeled them for inventory. It will probably take me a week or two to get them posted on Artfire, as I still have not finished listing the last set with the lace. (Or perhaps, some of them might sell at the Trailhead this weekend).

I like this set ... each set is just a little better than the previous. They are thin, comfortable and move nicely.

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