January 31, 2009

WB01 - The First Wrist Cuff

Continued clearing off the side table. Took a few earring pieces apart and stored away, picked up loose beads, fixed a couple pair of broken earrings and one of Alex' bracelets. And then, picked up this little blue vinyl wristband. I remember this ... it originally had a watch on it, which I'd removed and put in the watch container, but tossed the band on the side table with the thought that I'd try creating some wrist cuffs. Seems these should be right up my alley with all the odds and ends (fabric, lace, buttons, beads, etc. etc. etc.) that I have hanging around.

So, got out a whole bunch of stuff and made a new great big mess. I used the blue vinyl wristband to create the pattern/shape. Selected the fabric, and some adornments and put it together. I decided I didn't like the flat look and added in a layer of quilting fill (yep, got that also). All that's left is to put a snap on the back of it. Then, I'll wear it around abit and see how it goes; if I like they way they feel.

To critique ...
It's not a good pattern, as the narrow neck does not give ample space for the turn inside out. Adding the adornments was quite fun.

Since the mess is still all out, I'll try another one after the gym tomorrow. Then I'm going to move on to a scarf necklace variation with chain ... there's several pieces of chain on the side table for this purpose.

Think I'll try another one tomorrow

Yard Sale Saturday, January 31. 2009

We had another cold front come through this morning and it's a chilly 48 deg.F out there. I know, in comparison to our northern friends, nothing to complain about, but still chilly. I always prefer the heat and humidity to the cold. But, Beau said he was going to brave it for his Saturday 4 mile run if I wanted to give him a ride and yard sale. So, whats a girl gonna do ... if he can run 4 miles in the cold, I can yard sale.

There were two ads in my circle in last Thursday' paper and I found two more signs on my circuit. At one, the man offered to model scarves for me so I could trully see what they looked like (either trully to get rid of even a 25cent item, or remarkable sense of humor). But, they were indeed pretty good scarves.

6 scarves
1 purple tassle
5 belts

January 30, 2009

Red Hat - Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it's worth anything !

Back in mid December I'd said this hat, although not very great, was finished. Apparently I never sold myself on that because that hat has been sitting on the side table every since. And, since this is 1) the table where I sit the pending ideas or needing thought stuff, and 2) since I'm trying to clean up some of the stuff on this table (since it's almost to the point of overflow onto the floor), I'm back to the hat.

Actually, I didn't quite finish it. It still needs the grossgrain ribbon on the inside seam where the crown meets the brim. I brought out the ribbon and thought that I'd just put it in place with some of that no-sew seam tape. Got the tape and iron, and ironed one side of the tape to the ribbon and then ironed onto the hat ... nope; it's not sticking. Probably because the seam isn't flat. Next inspiration was to glue the ribbon on with fabric glue .... nope; that wasn't very successful either. So ... off to what I should have done to begin with ... put the sewing machine back up on the workbench.

Threaded the sewing machine with red and cut a new piece of ribbon. Sewed the ribbon in place, nicely covering up the seam. So, now the hat is officially finished according to the pattern. But ... it's still quite ugly ! So, pulled out the buttons and selected a nice big white one and sewed it in place right on the center top. Nice ... but, still ugly. So, jumbled through the ribbon/lace container and came out with the frilly white stuff. Cut an appropriate length and, using the machine, sewed it in place ... and there we go ... finished.

But, it's still quite ugly.

So, that just goes to say that just because it's handmade doesn't mean that it's worth anything !!!
I' can't imagine wearing it ... and I certainly wouldn't give it away, but still too good to just throw in the trash. So, I'm putting in the box where I'm accumulating future play clothes for Lilly.

Off the side table and officially finished .... now, on to the next item.

January 29, 2009

Book Pages

Since I had a few of the paints and stamps out for the Blue Stool decided to do a few of the book pages at the same time. There are 7 of these books now; 2 completly finished and 5 in varying stages. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these (since my original concept of paper quilts didn't quite work out), but they are quite fun to create, so here and there, I just do.

Lucille, with her Red Hat on

Some time back I discovered Lucille had old hats in her attic carefully tucked into hat boxes. She said she wore hats back in the late 40's, early 50's but ended up storing them away because the ladies quit wearing them. She said I could have them. So, when Beau & I went to pickup the crib last week, we brought the hats home. Interesting that the boxes themselves crumbled when we picked them up, but the hats inside are in perfect condition.

Tonight, after dinner, and two glasses of wine, we got her to model a couple of them for us.

Unfortunately (for me), the hats are size 22, which is a bit snug for me. I'm hoping that I might be able to take a pattern off a couple of them.

The Stool Continues ... which I'm now going to name Grafitti Blue

Well, it's been well over a week since I applied some spray paint layers to the Blue Stool, which I don't think was documented because 1) I was feeling a bit lazy and 2), the batteries in the camera were dead and had to be recharged.

The double line challenge is almost up at Artfire Queen and I decided on double line writing as one of the layers for this grafitti Blue Stool. Taped two permenant markers together in black and brown and put writings on the stop of the stool. Then, started applying some stampings over the top.

I ended up putting it all away ... there's still a good three layers to go here ... but Thursday is MIL grocery shopping and dinner day and I didn't want to leave the whole mess out.

January 28, 2009

Necklace 9, Believe / Fleur-di-leis in Progress

Ironically enough, the lobster clasps I bought a Michaels today are the same 'large' size that I already have. Over the last few visits to Hobby Lobby, as well as Michaels, have shown these as hard to get items ... i.e., they seldom have any and when they do, not in the size needed.

So, dug through my container of yard sale chains and came up with a clasp that I thought was acceptable for this piece. Attached it to the necklace.

Put it on and after about 30 minutes of wear decided that the little green disks do not perform well. They turn randomly and sometimes the other bead sets get stuck behind them.

Took off and put back on the workbench. Tomorrow I'll take a look back through inventory and find something else to replace the green disks.

Necklace 10 / Fiber Necklace with Beaded Bobbins

I had a whole variety of tasks planned for the afternoon, but instead ended up working on this necklace. It's been quite a learning experience. I'd made it down the left side and to the bobbins, when I realized I was going to need to trim some of the fiber 'hairs'. Woops ... I accidently cut two of the strings and had to start all over.

After some rethinking, decided I should be starting in the middle, not at one of the ends. Also decided I needed to lightly wire the bobbins together to keep them from running together when on.

When finished, I wore it around for a little while. It lays nicely, is lightweight and comfortable. I like the piece and might try another one sometime soon.

P.S.    I sent this to my sister and she loves it.   (She's an avid quilter).   She claims she is getting compliments everywhere she goes. 

A large hawk right outside my studio window

A great surprise for my afternoon. I was sitting at my workbench when I noticed movement right outside my window. Looked at, and there was this hawk, not 6 feet away from me.

We have alot of birds (which we invite with the 4 birdfeeders and two baths), and of course an entire community of squirrels, which brings the hawks and the two owls to our area frequently. Usually, however, the hawks and owls sit on the fence or a tree branch. This is the first time one has come this close. To bad the window screen distorted the picture.

Made a Stop by at Michaels Craft Store

After going to to the gym, made my planned stop at Michaels to pick up some Lobster clasp to finish the Fleur-di-Lies necklace. I don't really like this store, but it's only a couple miles from the house, versus my preferred Hobby Lobby with is a good 20+. Had to really search the shelves to find one lone package in silver.

But, I ventured through the clearance area and discovered they had discontinued a whole line of beads and what was left was on clearance. So, my $4.00 planned purchase ended by being $57.00. Ouch ... but some good inventory items.

Did find some really lightweight large faux type chain that I'm going to play with in the next day or two in correlation with the scarves.

January 27, 2009

Necklace 10 / Fiber Necklace with Beaded Bobbins

Continuing the cleanup of the sideboard is the package of 3 bobbins that I picked up at yardsale last Saturday. I have several other bobbins out in a storage tub from my mothers' old sewing stuff, so started to add these, when I got to thinking how they might work in a piece of jewelry ... those little holes are just perfecct to hold jump rings.

Onward ... Decided it needs to be a fiber necklace ... aferall Fiber is what is put on a Bobbin. Pulled out the 'yarn' container and selected a skein of brown 'Fun Fur'. Then, decided the beads I'd taken off the napkin rings (picked up at the same yard sale Saturday) would work well. Also selected some large Silver Beads to work as end caps and some smaller beads.

Using silver findings, started putting the piece together. This is my first Fiber Necklace, so I'm figuring it out as I go along.

Will continue tomorrow.

Necklace 9 / Believe, Fleur-di-leis In progress

I've decided to try and clean off th sideboard workarea. I looks like I've just been dropping 'stuff' on it randomly (which I have), for some time. Bits mostly ... thoughts ... small pieces I thought I'd do something with soon so did not put in its likely designated spot. Lots of stuff. So, thought I'd try to spend this week picking it up one by one and either putting it away, or doing something with it.

For starters ... this piece of chain with the missing clasps. I don't remember how long it's been here, or even bringing it home for that matter. But, a nice sturdy piece, it is.

--- Cleaned the silver and polished it up abit.
--- Spent awhile going through the 'finds' and bead containers deciding on ornamentation.
--- Selected a fleur-di-leis metal pendant, corresponding beads and little green disk thingies.
--- Pulled out the silver findings containers and put the piece together.

I have tiny and large clasps, nothing in between in silver. So, tomorrow, I'll have to make a stop by Michaels to pick up medium clasps to finish this piece.

January 25, 2009

Continuing on the Fabric Bead Necklaces ... they are quite a versatile accessory

Continued stitching and beading the Fabric Necklaces. When I went to photograph them, started trying the necklaces in different positions and found they are quite versatile ... can be wrapped in a variety of ways to create different looks.

I'm liking these more and more.

I've finished through 7, although the photos on the 7th necklace didn't turn out ... lighting changed with nightfall (of course). I'm going to post 4 - 6 in  my Artfire Shop.   I'm thinking about giving the 7th away.

Tomorrow I'm going to dirty the 1st example necklace I made and then handwash it in the sink and see how long it takes to dry ... I think styrofoam should be pretty instant, but want to make sure. Since these are fabric, I'd like to be able to pass them along with washing directions ... accessories should be cleanable, in my opinion.

Red & Purple Fabric Beaded Necklace
Earthy Fabric Beaded Necklace
Maroon, Black and Gold Upcycled Necklace
Mod Beaded Necklace

Do you like them?

January 24, 2009

Fabric Bead Necklaces with Vintage Scarves, 2 & 3

I started putting together the 2nd necklace yesterday morning (considering the still unfinished experiment the first). By the time I finished, it was apparent that not all knots are created the same and it was going to take some practice. So, took it apart and started over ... twice ... until I started making the knot in a consistent manner. Decided I like the knots on the looser side and that I need to work from one side to the other versus starting in the middle and working on each side separately.

The first one is made with the balls all the way around and the scarf is stitched together at the very edge. I used some wood beads as variation on the second one; hand stitching the tie ends closed. I'm liking the way these are turning out. Each one is a surprise ... how the pattern falls. I've listed the first two Artfire Shop.   I've got two more that I've inserted the balls that I'll finish off tomorrow.

Orange Necklace
Yellow Mod Necklace

Yard Sale Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two ads were listed for Yard Sales in Thursdays' paper, and I found one more ta-boot.

  • 7 old bottles Avon bottles with perfume still in them. Not sure why I wanted these, but they called me. Suppose I should send them to Carol to incorporate into some incredible concrete totem.
  • 2 pair of ladies gloves
  • 2 pieces of interesting lace
  • 4 scarves
  • An old crystal jewelry set - necklace, beads and earrings. I'll cut the necklace & earrings and put to bead inventory, but the clip on earrings are going to have to go to Lilly's future dress-up box.
  • 3 napkin rings, also with great beads. These I'll take apart to salvage the beads,
  • 1 very heavy chain necklace.
I had a good time out there, so a successful morning.

January 21, 2009

Fabric Sleuth ... Just what is it anyway

I'd decided awhile back that I've picked up more fabric than I'll ever use in my life. This was a real easy thing to happen since folks seem to sell it in lots ... a bag or box full. I went through the bag I picked up at the yard sale last Saturday. Ended up keeping about 6 pieces for it for myself (I'm going to make a quilt for Lilly and 2 pieces for inventory).

Then I moved on to that huge garbage can full that I picked up a couple months ago. These fabrics are almost exclusively from the 60's. The cotton pieces I can identify, but the majority of the fabrics, I have no idea what they are called, and hence, can't list them for sale. Like right .... list it as floral, silky feeling stuff with a little stretch ! I went out and googled 'fabric identification' a few times, but never ended up with anything that would allow me to comfortable tell a potential buyer what it was.

So ... to make a long story longer ... I cut small corners off a few of them and took to Hobby Lobby with me this morning. I got lucky, and the woman there was a sewing person. I put them down on the counter and asked if she would happen to know what they were, and she did .... First words she said were ... Oh Yes, these are from the 60's. (And, that's right ... I've found a variety of receipts that all place to the 60's). She said most of them were variations of knit polyester, single knit and single knit polyester. My closest guess had been rayon.

So ... now, I'll start going through these pieces of fabric and deciding which I want (some great vintage broadcloth in here that I'm saving for hats) and get the rest listed. I need to move out the things that I don't think I'll ever use .... my finds are taking over all my space !

Advance work for more Fabric Necklaces

While waiting for the 1" styrofoam balls to come in (just shipped Monday), decided to get started anyway. Selected several of the oblong scarves from inventory, cut and sewed (mostly) according to directions. I left the ends open 8-9" or so on a couple, and sewed the rest to the top. None were created to any specific length ... generally to the extent of the scraf. Thought I'd make the decisions on how to finish when I put in the styrofoam balls.

Drove over to Slidell this morning to visit Hobby Lobby. I wanted to pick up some cone beads to use to finish one or two ... no such thing in that store. (I know I didn't make them up). But, bought a couple different large hole bead sets to experiment with.

I think each take me a little over an hour to make to this stage ... Iron the scarf; cut the diagonals, pin & sew, trim, turn inside out, and iron. I'd know for sure if I could manage to keep my rear end in place from start to finish on one of these. But, as it is, I start, go do something else for awhile, come back and do a little more, etc. etc. etc. (good thing I don't have to make a complete living doing this !)

Stopped the sewing at 6. No since making a week long career of this until I decide I like them in different variations. I'll continue these when the styrofoam balls come in. Put the unused scarves and such back into their appropriate inventory boxes.

January 19, 2009

The bar stool goes Blue

I've been having this lone bar stool out in the kitchen for a good 7 years now. I remember getting it ... I had taken a load of stuff to Grans to donate and they had put this stoole over by the garbage (as they don't typically accept furniture). So, I left my donations in their window, and loaded the stool into the vehicle .... Brought it home and washed it up. It was in excellent shape, other than the really boring paint.

I've thought a bunch of times about doing something with it. A couple times over the last year I'd ask Beau if he'd do a light sand on it for me so I could paint it. But, if he doesn't write it down on his to-do list, things often don't happen.

So, I moved the stool out of my way this morning to paint the floorboards (Beau cleaned then yesterday) and found myself muttering about when was he going to get around to sanding this stool. When ... a big lightbulb went on ... uh duh .... like I'm not perfectly capable of sanding it myself .... like just how many years am I going to grumble about this.

So, after finishing the BK room floorboards, took the stool out to the garage, sanded and washed it. Selected the blue paint and applied two coats. Sat it aside to cure up for a couple days and then I'll proceed with the design.

January 17, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, January 17, 2009

The news last night said this mornings' temperature was going to be a chilly 28 degF. To cold for me (that's why I like living in the south ... not much cold weather). So, I didn't plan on having a Yard Sale Saturday ...., besides, there were no listings within my circle.

But, around 9am, we decided to make the dreaded monthly run to Walmart to stock up on IceTea Mix, Pasta and Cereal. When leaving Walmart, I suggested to Beau that perhaps we could go the long way (not the highway) home and see if we happen upon any garage sales. He didn't really want to, but being the good sport that he it, he kept that part to himself.

We happened upon four garage sales ... first three had nothing of interest, but the fourth was really in the yard sale spirit. They had two teenagers dressed in clown costumes demonstrating the exercise equipment and attempting to flag down traffic. We stopped.

Here I found a big white garbage bag filled with Fabric under a table. Didn't really go through the bag, but I like Fabric (even though I certainly don't need any), so I asked the woman how much she wanted for it and she said just make me an offer. So I offered her $3.00 (since I certainly don't need any fabric and the bag is worth a whole lot more than this), and she said great. So, while I was giving her my $3.00 (for the fabric I certainly don't need), she told me it was her deceased mothers and the she (the mother) would be happy that someone would use the fabrics. So, I told her about how my mother, when we moved her out of the house, had 3 big bags of jeans that she collected at yard sales (she'd never worn a pair of jeans in her life) because someday she was going to make a jeans quilt. When we counted them, she had over 45 pairs of jeans. Then, the woman, told me how her mother was a horder who loved to shop at Walmart. She loved going to Walmart so much that she'd go one day and buy more than she needed just so she could go back the next day just to return it. (Seems like a stretch to me). And, when she died, they found several closets in her house that had many Walmart bags that had never been emptied; complete with receipts. She said, they returned 7 carts full of stuff to Walmart from those bags. And then, speaking of Walmart, I remembered that Beau was patiently (or so it seemed) waiting in the car with the groceries, and I thanked her for the Fabrics and headed out.

Found inside the bag
-- 6 packs of Elastic, varying widths.
-- About 20 pieces of felt, mostly squares
-- 9 pieces of cotton fabric each between 1 -3 yards
-- 1 piece of silk
-- 3 pieces of nice silky fabric; not silk, don't know what it's called
-- A Barbie Fold & Go Bathroom (which I guess stitches together somehow to make a play toy area for Barbie fans.

I'm going to keep 3-4 pieces of the Fabric and probably the felt (although have no idea what I want the felt for), and will probably list the rest in my Artfire Supplies Shop ....


January 16, 2009

Fabric Necklace Experiment

I was at Rouses the other day and a woman in line in front of me had on an intriguing ball fabric necklace. I asked her about it and she said she didn't know anything about it ... apparently it was a gift and she loved it.

Going home, I was thinking that not onl would I like to have one or so for myself (casual & cool at the same time), it would possible be a great use for some of those vintage (and otherwise) scarves I've been collecting.

So, this afternoon, did a Google search and right off the bat found the Amy Butler Link for Fabric Necklaces ....

Went to the garage and brought in the two scarf containers. Selected two that had similar tones of pink. They are old scarves, folded over and sewn together, so I had to take them apart with a razorblade and iron. Then, mostly followed the directions in Amy's link.

Okay, didn't quite finish. The pattern calls for 18, 1" styrofoam balls and all I had was 16. With 16, the balled part of the necklace is right at 25". Amy's directions show the length will be 36" with 18 balls. I think the difference in the finished length would be the thickness of the fabric and the tightness of the knots in between the balls.

I went ahead and tied this one off with a know and proceeded to wear it for a couple hours. I like it, even unfinished and would think they have equal interest with balls all the way around as well as variations, perhaps combined with other jewelry pieces.

SO >>>>> since I've obviously in a shortage of 1" styrofoam balls, Googled back out and found a site where I could buy in quantity and placed my order. It said shipping was 4-6 days (of course they didn't say how quickly they ship), so guess I'll play with this again in a week or so.

January 14, 2009

Little Jewelry Bags

Sitting on the side table has been a small stack of fabric remenants that I'd cut down to make little bags awhile back .... when I was going through that giant garbage can of fabrics.

Since I had the sewing machine out, and was lacking on any other motivations, put together 14 of these little bags ... no set size.

I want to use them when I ship small jewelry pieces, so I'll keep with the jewelry that's posted in my shops. There's still several pieces of fabric on the table, so I'll either make a few more tomorrow morning, or just add them to the top of the fabric can. (Fabric can sure sounds nicer than garbage can, eh).

Beau was watching a show on TV this afternoon ... something about Noah's Ark and how it could be out there (not sure where they meant), and I asked him if he thought they meant like at Habitat Restore. He said, no ... probably more like the Green Project. THE GREEN PROJECT. I've not thought about them in a long time ... bet I haven't even been there in two years. So, after a little negotiation (like we'll take two phones and he can hangout at the Burger King ... hope it's still there ... and not have to go into The Green Project ... it was agreed we'd go on Friday). I'm getting excited ... THE GREEN PROJECT ... wonder what I'll find.

January 13, 2009

Paper Quilt

Stitched it all together and painted the dowel rod.

Finished .... but I don't like it. Up close it a bit interesting, but anymore than 2 feet and it's way to busy ... it melds all together with no focal point. Just a conglomeration of color.

I'll either cut this up something (???), or just toss it out.

January 12, 2009

001 : Paper Quilt

Technically, this is the 2nd paperquilt, not the first ... but, since I threw the first one away ...

Again I've been thinking that I need to do something with all this paper I'm painting (or quit painting it ... which I don't want to do as I really enjoy the painting).

Decided the quilt will be 11" x 20". Selected 5 different sheets with corresponding colors. Cut down to size and started stitching together. (2nd pic didn't turn out ... will be it updated in tomorrows listing)

January 11, 2009

Picture Frames for Nikki & Scott

Learned that Nikki & Scott are getting married in the near future. As I have one of their photos here and well as a couple of frames that have been pending a project for a long time, as well as a little bit of spare time, decided to make these frames and give them along with a 'congratulations on engagement card.

Took apart the two frames (purchased at a yard sale quite awhile back). Took them outside and sanded them to remove the finish.
Painted front and back with black acrylic paint.
Took outside to the paint box and added silver Spray Paint.
Brought inside and added stencil designs in white, red and green
Took back outside to the paint box and added black spray paint in random checkerboard.
Brought inside and applied two coats of polyacrylic
Put the frames back together.

Hope their marriage will be as happy as ours.

Ladies Night at the Mint Green Lounge

Spent a little time Friday and finished this project yesterday morning ... just a bit behind on getting my pictures posted.

-- Cut 7, 2"x3" pieces from the grafitti paper and adhered to the sides, one each between the bell caps.
- Attached the double sided top to the rim.
-- Brought in some black edging (some kind of lace) and glued along the top edges ... it just needed something.

Finished ... it doesn't need hanging hardware, It hangs nicely on a large push pin. This piece will not be offered for sale. I'm keeping to hang in the art/music studio with the other two tamborines and three guitars. ((I really enjoy redesigning the instruments ... hope I come across more soon).

I'll be posting this to the mint green challenge as well.

January 10, 2009

Mardi Gras Earrings

Took apart the Mardi Gras Necklace I got at the yard sale yesterday. Threw out everything but 6 of the Mardi Gras faces and 6 of the small gold toned beads. (These beads are very low quality and the faces are resin).

Pulled out 6 head pins and 6 earring wires and created these earrings. These are for me ... I'll wear them during the upcoming Mardi Gras ...

January 09, 2009

Yard Sale Friday,

The yard sale ads come out on Thursday here. I was surprised to see a couple listed ... usually don't start up for another week or so. (I figure it conincides with the credit card bills coming in). Anyway, the only two listings in my circle were for both Friday and Saturday. So; went on Friday.

  • A 'College Memories' book that is blank pages of white heavyweight paper. I'll use this for my painted pages.
  • Two scarves (I know ... I said I wasn't going to collect these anymore ... but what great colors).
  • Several pairs of earrings ... both vintage clips and pierced. These are moving to the 'found objects' drawers.
  • Bright pink 'thread' necklace. Wonderful beads.
  • A Mardi Gras necklace ... All I want here is the face beads.

Once I ruled out fabrics, I acknowledged the closest to mint green that I could get in color would be with paint. I considered creating a paper quilt wall hanging, but then remembered the waiting Tamborine and the decision was reached.

I received this large red tamborine from a fellow free-use person early December and it's been hanging on the wall with the guitars. I leafed through my books of painted pages and since nothing struck my fancy, I'll have to start from scratch.

-- Selected a red paint for the base (to somewhat correspond with the red on the tamborine).
-- Mixed two paints to arrive at my interpretation of mint green.
-- Blended the two together onto a large sheet of book paper.
-- Marked my template.
-- Added writings with gold permenant marker
-- Added stencils in white & blue
-- Rolled on groups of yellow drops
-- Took outside and added gold spray paint circles
-- Removed page from the book and cut out template.
-- Adhered to a backup black sheet and cut out.
-- Measured and cut hand space.
-- Added wording using white & black acrylic paints

Housework willing (yuck), I'll finish putting this one together tomorrow.

January 08, 2009

Mint Green Challenge .... Hummmm ... Is there really no mint green in my life?

The FireQueen group, here on 'We Love ArtFire" is having a 'Mint Green' Challenge for 1st half of January and I'm planning on participating.

So, I wasted a good 20 minutes online trying to decide just what color is Mint Green anyway. Boy, is that one subject to interpretation !!! Just put in 'mint green' over at Etsy and you'll arrive with an ever ongoing assortment of pale greens.

Anyway, last night I got to thinking about making another hat. (Not that the first one was a great success, but what the heck, it was fun). So, hit my studio, pulled out that huge garbage container of fabrics, pulled them all out and started searching for mint green. Nothing. So, off to bed in a quandry.

Got up this morning and faced the big mess in my studio, which, of course, I'd not put away before going to bed. Then, while putting away the fabrics (read that as tossing them back into the big garbage storage container) I came across the package of 1" styrofoam balls that I'd picked up at (the hated) Michaels awhile back. Oh yea ... I was gng to try one of those fabric necklaces. Great idea ... so off to the garage to bring the 2 containers of collected scarves (mostly yard sales finds) into the studio. Well ... another big mess ... but not a single scarf with a hint of what I'd consider to be mint green. (( I did, however, put two on one of the doorhandles for an upcoming necklace).

Alas ... is there no mint green in life? Guess I'm going to have to step back and take this no quite so literally,

January 06, 2009

Necklace 7 : Autumn Roads Charm

I'm continuing to use the beads sets I created a couple days ago ... Cut an 8" piece of chain to which I added 21 charm bead sets. These sets are comprised of both new beads and vintage beads/charms pulled from my 'yard sale' inventory. Then, added a divider bead on each side and another section of chain, to which clasps are added. All together, it's 18" long.
Tried it on; wore it around for a little while to make sure it lays nicely, the bead sets do not fold upon themselves, etc. All is fine; I like this one ... it's a keeper.

As I decided to list this piece, a name is called for ... so I decided on Autumn Roads as its a good indicator of the color mix.A

January 05, 2009

Brooch 7: Unnamed Remake in Amber, Green & Brown

Some time back, I came across this falling apart and unattractive brooch at a yard sale. I think what sold me was the tacky mardi gras colored beads (not sure what they are made of ... don't feel either plastic, metal or glass) .. it's so New Orleans ... crippled but with possibilities. It's been sitting in the 'jewelry finds' drawer for at least a year.

-- Removed the tarnished jump rings and beads from the brooch hardware.
-- Removed the headpins from the beads and put them away for some future use (thinking Mardi Gras earrings for me ... but I'd better get on with it as season is starting today).
-- Took the brooch hardware out to the kitchen and cleaned it with some tarnix and polished to return the luster.

-- Selected new beads in green, amber & brown.
-- Added new headpins
-- Attached to brooch with new jump rings.

And .... drum roll .... Brooch Remake ... Upcycled Beaded brooch

January 04, 2009

Necklace 8 : Golden Cascade

I knew that I'd made up alot of bead sets, however, not having done an actual count, didn't realize just how many. As I enjoy this color mix, I'm going to continue creating new pieces until I run short on the bead sets.

This is another cascade necklace.
- Cut 18" of lightweight chain from inventory.
- Cut an additional 2 1/4" piece of the chain for the cascase.
- Attached clasps on the end & the short chain to the center point
- Attached 20 individual bead sets with jump rings.

I like it. Think I'm going to go ahead and list it

Disco Ball Earrings

While I was routing around in the 'found objects' drawers, I came across these little Disco Ball Earrings picked up at some yard sale at some point in time. One is missing the post, but other than that, they individual 'ball' beads are in great condition ... no missing gems, etc.

Decided I'd keep them as earrings, but just redesigned to be a little more classy, or perhaps, a little less 70's.

There are 6 beads total, I used 4 to make these redesigned earrings. One set I'll post online; the other I'm sending to my sister. The remaining two disco ball beads are returned to inventory for some other adventure.

January 03, 2009

Necklace 6; Cotton Candy Cascade

Selected a long piece of chain from inventory and cut two pieces; one to 18" and one to 2". Attached clasps to the ends of the long chain. Put together a center bead piece and wired to both the long chain and the 2" piece. Using alot of jump rings, attached 24 of the bead sets put together the other night.
Tried it on and wore it around for a short while. It's sturdy and lays very well. A winner; I like this piece .... definitely better here than the original Big Purple Heart.

I've listed this one for sale in my Artfire Shop

January 01, 2009

Necklace Redesign and Set-up Work for More Creations

Back in July I recreated a yard sale find ..... Dangly Necklace . At the time, I liked it a bit, however, it was just my second attempt at necklace making. I wore this twice while on our cruise in October without a single comment. I partake that to mean that it's not to great ... and being realistic ... it really isn't. It's been sitting on the sideboard for the last two months awaiting consideration. (Unfortunately, there are a variety of items over there).
Todays' the day. I turned the page in the jewelry books I've been working through and there are general instructions for a charm necklace. Much like the cascade pieces, calling for a multitue of bead sets. This is in my particular interest in jewelry ... I like these crowded pieces, versus simple single strand bead necklaces.

Took the Dangly Necklace back apart and divided wired beads into singles. Then, pulled out the vintage collected drawers, as well as the bead drawers and made selections within the color scheme of the wired stone beads. A few of the bead packages are new, but most of the selections are yard sale finds that have been taken apart.
Spent a couple hours putting together a multitude of bead sets. I'm thinking these will become the basis of 2-3 pieces.

Happy New Year - January 1, 2009

Another start of a new year; my 50th. I'm not fanatical about the resolution thing ... but, just for the sake of it all ...

-- Be a better person
-- Find a purpose
-- Get organized and clean up some of this mess.
-- Continue the FIP.

That should do it.