January 30, 2009

Red Hat - Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it's worth anything !

Back in mid December I'd said this hat, although not very great, was finished. Apparently I never sold myself on that because that hat has been sitting on the side table every since. And, since this is 1) the table where I sit the pending ideas or needing thought stuff, and 2) since I'm trying to clean up some of the stuff on this table (since it's almost to the point of overflow onto the floor), I'm back to the hat.

Actually, I didn't quite finish it. It still needs the grossgrain ribbon on the inside seam where the crown meets the brim. I brought out the ribbon and thought that I'd just put it in place with some of that no-sew seam tape. Got the tape and iron, and ironed one side of the tape to the ribbon and then ironed onto the hat ... nope; it's not sticking. Probably because the seam isn't flat. Next inspiration was to glue the ribbon on with fabric glue .... nope; that wasn't very successful either. So ... off to what I should have done to begin with ... put the sewing machine back up on the workbench.

Threaded the sewing machine with red and cut a new piece of ribbon. Sewed the ribbon in place, nicely covering up the seam. So, now the hat is officially finished according to the pattern. But ... it's still quite ugly ! So, pulled out the buttons and selected a nice big white one and sewed it in place right on the center top. Nice ... but, still ugly. So, jumbled through the ribbon/lace container and came out with the frilly white stuff. Cut an appropriate length and, using the machine, sewed it in place ... and there we go ... finished.

But, it's still quite ugly.

So, that just goes to say that just because it's handmade doesn't mean that it's worth anything !!!
I' can't imagine wearing it ... and I certainly wouldn't give it away, but still too good to just throw in the trash. So, I'm putting in the box where I'm accumulating future play clothes for Lilly.

Off the side table and officially finished .... now, on to the next item.

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