August 14, 2006

Book Pages

Book13 These book pages are becoming all time-consuming. I find that I'm out in the studio playing with them every time I get the opportunity. Housework is not happening; I felt hostile about having to grocery shop .. I just want to paint.
I continue to work on the book pages. I enjoy the spray paint. I keep adding new colors .. I've a good 12 cans going now. I like to have two books open at the same time to receive the spray paint. One book with spray over stencil, then pull the stencil off and lay the excess paint face down on the second book. Wonderful smudges.
These pages are going to be ongoing for quite some time. I've found I'm happiest with them between 6 - 10 layers. That number times the 4 books in progress ... well, quite awhile.
I found myself thinking this afternoon that I'm getting quite comfortable here and that I might be ready to move on to a larger surface.