August 29, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, August 29th

Only one ad in the paper within my yardsale circle and that was a contractor listing for doors and building materials. But, it's August, so knew that yardsales were certain to be out there. And, I was correct ... visited 7 all together. I'm sure there were more, but I was hungry and in serious need of a restroom, so headed home.

  • 5 Bracelets and two Necklaces @ 10 cents each. I felt sorry for the young woman selling them to me ... her mother gripped and complained the whole time I was there. I think it's a good bet that it's what this woman does most the time .... I left quite quickly.
  • An old slide making kit. There's a few slides with bugs already attached, but there are also blank glass slide sheets that will be great for collage pendants.
  • 6 Offwhite Tassle's ... also 10 cents each.
  • A whole bunch of rubber and chunky stamps for $4.
  • A Few Pieces of Ribbon for $1.00

August 27, 2009

Little Mixed Media Pendants

I've been thinking about this for awhile and finally got around to it .... making little pendants with my painted papers.

1) Grabbed a handful of the little wood tiles. These are just under 3/4" square and are just like Scrabble Tiles, but with numbers. I don't recall what the game was they came out of.
2) Using my sanding block, lightly sanded the tile surfaces; just enough to rough up the surface.
3) Cut a section out of my 'painted papers'.

4) Cut 1" squares from the painted papers to create little paper tiles.
5) Applied my favorite adhesive, clear silicone caulk, to one side of the tile and put on the paper tiles, rubbing with an old credit card to make sure there were no air bubbles and let dry for about 15 minutes.
6) Cut along the edges with an exacto knife
7) Turned over and repeated on reverse side.

8) After thoroughly dry, took outside and sprayed both sides with clear laquer. I would have preferred to paint with polyacrylic, but, at this size, was not quite sure how to accomplish that without have drips and a general unsightly mess. (I'll have to think about this some more).
9) Pulled out my smallest eye hooks to screw into the tops. This was not too successful as they are quite thin and all but 3 split. I'll probably try this again, but next time I'll drill a small starting tool .. this should help with the splitting issue. For the rest, just drilled a small hole (for a jump ring).

Okay ... I like them. They are interesting, colorful and a great use for some of the painted papers I've made. I'm going to think about it for a couple days and perhaps try another variation and then make some up for general inventory.

Using 9 of them, made up a charm bracelet, with about 18 bead charms, to see how they work out. I'm going to put it on in the morning and wear it, at least, a few days, to see how they hold up; ensure the papers stay intact, etc. etc. etc.

Cutting Stained Glass

I have such a variety of things going on that I'm trully not accomplishing much of anything. For example ... Cutting Stained Glass.

A couple weeks ago I got an email from a woman who had previously purchased some stained glass tiles from me in my old Etsy shop and she needed some more. I checked and had the glass, so I cut and sent tem to her. Which, of course, got me to re-evaluating all the glass I have with absolutely not plans on using. So, I arrived at the conclusion that I'll save one sheet of each of the colors (in case something inspired me), and cut up the rest for sale. So, I work on it here and there. Cut, tumble for 30 minutes, photo and list in my supplies shop ... a slow process, that's for sure.

August 22, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, 8/22/09

I'd marked 4 yard sales from Thurdays paper, and while I was out and about, came across another 3. I've commented a couple of times how yard sale finds seems to go in cycles ... well,, todays cycle was books and games. Every yard sale had a nice collection of each.

  • A stack of craft/home decorating books. I saw a few items of interest that I want to look through, perhaps try. After that, I'll put in my Supply shop.
  • Three different sets of dice (from three different board games)
  • A Set of Number Tiles (like scrabble tiles), also from a game
  • A candle holder, which I purchased for the 25 or so plastic prisms hanging
  • A tie with an interesting design that I thought might go splendid on a purse.

August 21, 2009

Tutorial -- Glass Globe Magnets

Sometime back I brought home this set of 9 magnets and they 've been sitting on my side table ever since. Today I was thinking I need to start an inventory box for magnets, and then, on second thought, I decided just to go ahead and use them ... NOW. These are really strong magnets and will work great on the refridgerator.

1) Select Glass Gems that are the same size, or slightly larger than your magnets. The globes can be clear or lightly colored, depending upon look you wish to achieve.
2) Select papers or fabrics to show through the glass.
3) Trace your glass globe onto your paper or fabric and cut out inside the tracing line.

4) Lay out your globes, the magnet and your cutouts, along with your adhesive. I've used clear silicone caulk (my favorite adhesive for non-jewelry). It is not water soluble, goes on white and dries clear.
4) Place a thin layer of adhesive on your glass gem. Position your paper or fabric on the gem. Use a brayer, or credit card, and smooth it out.
5) Place a thicker layer of adhesive on the back of the paper and position your magnet.
6) Use a pallet knife, or wide toothpick, and remove any excess adhesive the oozes out the edges.
7) Clean off any excess adhesive from the edges and let it set until dry.

August 20, 2009

Lilly & KidsKonnection Park

Lilly is here to visit for three days and I'm so excited. I put away all my stuff and I've committed to do nothing but play and have fun with her. Part of our day was a trip over to the Kids Konnection park in Abita Springs. (A most spectacular park). Nikki, Lilly's momma, said this would be her first time in a swing ... at first, she didn't know what to think, but then she caught on, and I think, had fun. We also had a good romp in the sandbox ... I sure love this girl.

August 17, 2009

Stapelia // Star of David

When opening the studio blinds this morning saw the Stapelia was blooming. I had heard on the news that we were supposed to have torrential rains today (on the far edge of Hurricane Ana), so I slipped out to get a picture ... in case the rains destroyed the bloom. This is the first this year and it is splendid.

Wine Glass Ornaments to Zipper Pulls

These are the wine glass ornaments I picked up at the yard sale on Saturday. When I saw them I thought that might be cool combined together onto a charm bracelet. Once I layed them out, however, realized they were different enough (2 different sets were in the baggie), that they didn't really belong together. Thought someone might like them as Zipper Pulls though.

So ... that's what I did.
 Fruit Salad Key Chain

August 15, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, August 15, 2009

I was abit lacking on motivation this morning, but downed my cup of coffee and headed out the door, $20 in hand to see what the morning had to offer.

The 1st three and the last yard sale netted nada, but the other one, just off of Lonesome Rd, had a variety of craft items of interest. Total expenditures $3.25.

Finds ...
  • A variety of sewing items. The top of the box had (amazingly enough) shoulder pads, but down below were a variety of laces and rick rack ... good deal of 75 cents.
  • A collection of buttons (not that I really needed more buttons, but what the heck).
  • A box of rubber stamps
  • 2 packs of wine glass markers
  • A small collection of craft type books

August 08, 2009

Dozens & Dozens of Little Bead Charms

So, a couple days ago I was thinking about making some more charm bracelets and decided it would be a good idea to make up a variety of the bead sets in different colors and then I could lay them out with a variety of the found objects and just create to my hearts intent.

Well, I made a few beadsets and was having a pretty good time so I made some more, and then some more the next day and the next day. Today I had to force myself to a halt ... like how many do I really need anyway.

Besides, since I've been cutting some stained glass (a whole other story), I've been thinking about trying my hand at copper foil method for some little pendants to put on the bracelets. Beau & I even drove over to Slidell to Hobby Lobby so I could put up some foil and solder (in the pouring down rain, might I mention).

So, I just stopped and picked up the mess. Tomorrow, if all goes well since I promised to help with yardwork in the morning, and we need to work on Alex' room abit more, etc. etc. etc., I might start experimenting abit ... I'm having alot of thoughts ... hummm

Yard Sale Saturday, August 8, 2009

Awoke to the great sound of rain ... great because we are abit behind and the garden and yard is in need of water. Let it rain !!!

Dressed for the gym in case it was going to be a bust, and once I got out there, discovered that most figured it was going to be the major rain projected and the yard sales were cancelled or delayed to later in the day. Made a stop at one, and headed off to the gym ... I'm in serious need of the exercise anyway.

Finds ....
  • One elastic style bracelet ... a nice central focus piece for future use
  • A little Girls purse ... which I purchased for the chain handle & clasps.

About the purse ... it's brand new ... the price tag was removed but the little price strap is still thereand the chain has the plastic wrapping to protect it. I find it surprising how often I find items in yard sales that have never been used .... I guess some folks just shop and shop and when they run out of room (or credit), have a yardsale. I'll remove & keep the chain/clasps, attach a piece of ribbon for a handlle and drop this in the Grans Thirft Shop Bag. Some little girl will still love this little purse.

August 04, 2009

I'm liking these Charm Bracelets

I haven't been playing with my stuff much. Lilly came to visit for a few days and there just isn't anything much more fun than spending time with her !

Sometimes, for me, things happen as a series of events. For example, I was cleaning out the closet in Alex' old room and came across a stained up shirt with great buttons. So, moved to the studio to remove the buttons before throwing out the shirt. But, they are great buttons, a nice brown and obvious that they would go well with the bead sets I put together a week back. So, pulled out the tools and some chain and made charm bracelets. Not like the closet, or its mess, is going anywhere.

Do you like them?