August 22, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, 8/22/09

I'd marked 4 yard sales from Thurdays paper, and while I was out and about, came across another 3. I've commented a couple of times how yard sale finds seems to go in cycles ... well,, todays cycle was books and games. Every yard sale had a nice collection of each.

  • A stack of craft/home decorating books. I saw a few items of interest that I want to look through, perhaps try. After that, I'll put in my Supply shop.
  • Three different sets of dice (from three different board games)
  • A Set of Number Tiles (like scrabble tiles), also from a game
  • A candle holder, which I purchased for the 25 or so plastic prisms hanging
  • A tie with an interesting design that I thought might go splendid on a purse.

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