January 31, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, January 31. 2009

We had another cold front come through this morning and it's a chilly 48 deg.F out there. I know, in comparison to our northern friends, nothing to complain about, but still chilly. I always prefer the heat and humidity to the cold. But, Beau said he was going to brave it for his Saturday 4 mile run if I wanted to give him a ride and yard sale. So, whats a girl gonna do ... if he can run 4 miles in the cold, I can yard sale.

There were two ads in my circle in last Thursday' paper and I found two more signs on my circuit. At one, the man offered to model scarves for me so I could trully see what they looked like (either trully to get rid of even a 25cent item, or remarkable sense of humor). But, they were indeed pretty good scarves.

6 scarves
1 purple tassle
5 belts

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