January 31, 2009

WB01 - The First Wrist Cuff

Continued clearing off the side table. Took a few earring pieces apart and stored away, picked up loose beads, fixed a couple pair of broken earrings and one of Alex' bracelets. And then, picked up this little blue vinyl wristband. I remember this ... it originally had a watch on it, which I'd removed and put in the watch container, but tossed the band on the side table with the thought that I'd try creating some wrist cuffs. Seems these should be right up my alley with all the odds and ends (fabric, lace, buttons, beads, etc. etc. etc.) that I have hanging around.

So, got out a whole bunch of stuff and made a new great big mess. I used the blue vinyl wristband to create the pattern/shape. Selected the fabric, and some adornments and put it together. I decided I didn't like the flat look and added in a layer of quilting fill (yep, got that also). All that's left is to put a snap on the back of it. Then, I'll wear it around abit and see how it goes; if I like they way they feel.

To critique ...
It's not a good pattern, as the narrow neck does not give ample space for the turn inside out. Adding the adornments was quite fun.

Since the mess is still all out, I'll try another one after the gym tomorrow. Then I'm going to move on to a scarf necklace variation with chain ... there's several pieces of chain on the side table for this purpose.

Think I'll try another one tomorrow

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