February 01, 2009

WB02 - 2nd Wrist Band is Better

First thing, headed back to my studio with coffee cup in hand. A couple things I want to do out here today ... create another wrist band (practice makes perfect they say) and try another variation on the beads. So, first the wrist band ...

Still had a piece of the red fabric laying out. (actually this piece of fabric is part of a fabric belt that was in the belt container). Paired it with a silver heart from the metal belts container and two pieces of polka dot ribbon. I used velcro for the fastener.

I had quite a few sewing machine problems and this little piece ended up eating 3 hours. Of course, some of those problems are me ... changed needles and had trouble threading that tiny hole, experimented on scraps a few of the stitches, etc.

The oblong size works much better. This piece didn't turn out great, but much better than the first one. Ironically enough, it turned out too small for my wrist ... needs a size 6 kinda person. I'll hand this off to Shannon or Mary ... see if they will try it out for me.

I like the idea of these; they could easily become little wrist collages and I'm sure I'll be doing more.

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