February 01, 2009

Fab 09 - 12: Fabric Necklaces with chain variations

I have two long pieces of lightweight chain on the sidebench that's been sitting there for some time. When I made the last set of Fabric Necklaces I decided I wanted to try some of the chain on a fabric ball necklace variation. So ... left it sitting on the table versus putting it away in the last cleanup effort.

Decided to make 4 more Fabric Necklaces in this batch. Choose the 2 oblong scarves I picked up at yard sale on Saturday (hand washed them in the sink and dried). Then, went out to the oblong scarf container in the garage and pulled out two more 60's looking scarves .. folded and sewed together; one with ample fringe (Which I'll save for something else, of course).

Ironed, measured the bias cuts and cut out each of the scarves. Managed to get 1 1/2 sewed ... Superbowl Interruptions, dinner, etc.

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