January 16, 2009

Fabric Necklace Experiment

I was at Rouses the other day and a woman in line in front of me had on an intriguing ball fabric necklace. I asked her about it and she said she didn't know anything about it ... apparently it was a gift and she loved it.

Going home, I was thinking that not onl would I like to have one or so for myself (casual & cool at the same time), it would possible be a great use for some of those vintage (and otherwise) scarves I've been collecting.

So, this afternoon, did a Google search and right off the bat found the Amy Butler Link for Fabric Necklaces ....

Went to the garage and brought in the two scarf containers. Selected two that had similar tones of pink. They are old scarves, folded over and sewn together, so I had to take them apart with a razorblade and iron. Then, mostly followed the directions in Amy's link.

Okay, didn't quite finish. The pattern calls for 18, 1" styrofoam balls and all I had was 16. With 16, the balled part of the necklace is right at 25". Amy's directions show the length will be 36" with 18 balls. I think the difference in the finished length would be the thickness of the fabric and the tightness of the knots in between the balls.

I went ahead and tied this one off with a know and proceeded to wear it for a couple hours. I like it, even unfinished and would think they have equal interest with balls all the way around as well as variations, perhaps combined with other jewelry pieces.

SO >>>>> since I've obviously in a shortage of 1" styrofoam balls, Googled back out and found a site where I could buy in quantity and placed my order. It said shipping was 4-6 days (of course they didn't say how quickly they ship), so guess I'll play with this again in a week or so.

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