January 17, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, January 17, 2009

The news last night said this mornings' temperature was going to be a chilly 28 degF. To cold for me (that's why I like living in the south ... not much cold weather). So, I didn't plan on having a Yard Sale Saturday ...., besides, there were no listings within my circle.

But, around 9am, we decided to make the dreaded monthly run to Walmart to stock up on IceTea Mix, Pasta and Cereal. When leaving Walmart, I suggested to Beau that perhaps we could go the long way (not the highway) home and see if we happen upon any garage sales. He didn't really want to, but being the good sport that he it, he kept that part to himself.

We happened upon four garage sales ... first three had nothing of interest, but the fourth was really in the yard sale spirit. They had two teenagers dressed in clown costumes demonstrating the exercise equipment and attempting to flag down traffic. We stopped.

Here I found a big white garbage bag filled with Fabric under a table. Didn't really go through the bag, but I like Fabric (even though I certainly don't need any), so I asked the woman how much she wanted for it and she said just make me an offer. So I offered her $3.00 (since I certainly don't need any fabric and the bag is worth a whole lot more than this), and she said great. So, while I was giving her my $3.00 (for the fabric I certainly don't need), she told me it was her deceased mothers and the she (the mother) would be happy that someone would use the fabrics. So, I told her about how my mother, when we moved her out of the house, had 3 big bags of jeans that she collected at yard sales (she'd never worn a pair of jeans in her life) because someday she was going to make a jeans quilt. When we counted them, she had over 45 pairs of jeans. Then, the woman, told me how her mother was a horder who loved to shop at Walmart. She loved going to Walmart so much that she'd go one day and buy more than she needed just so she could go back the next day just to return it. (Seems like a stretch to me). And, when she died, they found several closets in her house that had many Walmart bags that had never been emptied; complete with receipts. She said, they returned 7 carts full of stuff to Walmart from those bags. And then, speaking of Walmart, I remembered that Beau was patiently (or so it seemed) waiting in the car with the groceries, and I thanked her for the Fabrics and headed out.

Found inside the bag
-- 6 packs of Elastic, varying widths.
-- About 20 pieces of felt, mostly squares
-- 9 pieces of cotton fabric each between 1 -3 yards
-- 1 piece of silk
-- 3 pieces of nice silky fabric; not silk, don't know what it's called
-- A Barbie Fold & Go Bathroom (which I guess stitches together somehow to make a play toy area for Barbie fans.

I'm going to keep 3-4 pieces of the Fabric and probably the felt (although have no idea what I want the felt for), and will probably list the rest in my Artfire Supplies Shop ....


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