January 14, 2009

Little Jewelry Bags

Sitting on the side table has been a small stack of fabric remenants that I'd cut down to make little bags awhile back .... when I was going through that giant garbage can of fabrics.

Since I had the sewing machine out, and was lacking on any other motivations, put together 14 of these little bags ... no set size.

I want to use them when I ship small jewelry pieces, so I'll keep with the jewelry that's posted in my shops. There's still several pieces of fabric on the table, so I'll either make a few more tomorrow morning, or just add them to the top of the fabric can. (Fabric can sure sounds nicer than garbage can, eh).

Beau was watching a show on TV this afternoon ... something about Noah's Ark and how it could be out there (not sure where they meant), and I asked him if he thought they meant like at Habitat Restore. He said, no ... probably more like the Green Project. THE GREEN PROJECT. I've not thought about them in a long time ... bet I haven't even been there in two years. So, after a little negotiation (like we'll take two phones and he can hangout at the Burger King ... hope it's still there ... and not have to go into The Green Project ... it was agreed we'd go on Friday). I'm getting excited ... THE GREEN PROJECT ... wonder what I'll find.

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