January 06, 2009

Necklace 7 : Autumn Roads Charm

I'm continuing to use the beads sets I created a couple days ago ... Cut an 8" piece of chain to which I added 21 charm bead sets. These sets are comprised of both new beads and vintage beads/charms pulled from my 'yard sale' inventory. Then, added a divider bead on each side and another section of chain, to which clasps are added. All together, it's 18" long.
Tried it on; wore it around for a little while to make sure it lays nicely, the bead sets do not fold upon themselves, etc. All is fine; I like this one ... it's a keeper.

As I decided to list this piece, a name is called for ... so I decided on Autumn Roads as its a good indicator of the color mix.A

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