January 08, 2009

Mint Green Challenge .... Hummmm ... Is there really no mint green in my life?

The FireQueen group, here on 'We Love ArtFire" is having a 'Mint Green' Challenge for 1st half of January and I'm planning on participating.

So, I wasted a good 20 minutes online trying to decide just what color is Mint Green anyway. Boy, is that one subject to interpretation !!! Just put in 'mint green' over at Etsy and you'll arrive with an ever ongoing assortment of pale greens.

Anyway, last night I got to thinking about making another hat. (Not that the first one was a great success, but what the heck, it was fun). So, hit my studio, pulled out that huge garbage container of fabrics, pulled them all out and started searching for mint green. Nothing. So, off to bed in a quandry.

Got up this morning and faced the big mess in my studio, which, of course, I'd not put away before going to bed. Then, while putting away the fabrics (read that as tossing them back into the big garbage storage container) I came across the package of 1" styrofoam balls that I'd picked up at (the hated) Michaels awhile back. Oh yea ... I was gng to try one of those fabric necklaces. Great idea ... so off to the garage to bring the 2 containers of collected scarves (mostly yard sales finds) into the studio. Well ... another big mess ... but not a single scarf with a hint of what I'd consider to be mint green. (( I did, however, put two on one of the doorhandles for an upcoming necklace).

Alas ... is there no mint green in life? Guess I'm going to have to step back and take this no quite so literally,

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