January 09, 2009

Once I ruled out fabrics, I acknowledged the closest to mint green that I could get in color would be with paint. I considered creating a paper quilt wall hanging, but then remembered the waiting Tamborine and the decision was reached.

I received this large red tamborine from a fellow free-use person early December and it's been hanging on the wall with the guitars. I leafed through my books of painted pages and since nothing struck my fancy, I'll have to start from scratch.

-- Selected a red paint for the base (to somewhat correspond with the red on the tamborine).
-- Mixed two paints to arrive at my interpretation of mint green.
-- Blended the two together onto a large sheet of book paper.
-- Marked my template.
-- Added writings with gold permenant marker
-- Added stencils in white & blue
-- Rolled on groups of yellow drops
-- Took outside and added gold spray paint circles
-- Removed page from the book and cut out template.
-- Adhered to a backup black sheet and cut out.
-- Measured and cut hand space.
-- Added wording using white & black acrylic paints

Housework willing (yuck), I'll finish putting this one together tomorrow.

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