January 11, 2009

Picture Frames for Nikki & Scott

Learned that Nikki & Scott are getting married in the near future. As I have one of their photos here and well as a couple of frames that have been pending a project for a long time, as well as a little bit of spare time, decided to make these frames and give them along with a 'congratulations on engagement card.

Took apart the two frames (purchased at a yard sale quite awhile back). Took them outside and sanded them to remove the finish.
Painted front and back with black acrylic paint.
Took outside to the paint box and added silver Spray Paint.
Brought inside and added stencil designs in white, red and green
Took back outside to the paint box and added black spray paint in random checkerboard.
Brought inside and applied two coats of polyacrylic
Put the frames back together.

Hope their marriage will be as happy as ours.

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