January 11, 2009

Ladies Night at the Mint Green Lounge

Spent a little time Friday and finished this project yesterday morning ... just a bit behind on getting my pictures posted.

-- Cut 7, 2"x3" pieces from the grafitti paper and adhered to the sides, one each between the bell caps.
- Attached the double sided top to the rim.
-- Brought in some black edging (some kind of lace) and glued along the top edges ... it just needed something.

Finished ... it doesn't need hanging hardware, It hangs nicely on a large push pin. This piece will not be offered for sale. I'm keeping to hang in the art/music studio with the other two tamborines and three guitars. ((I really enjoy redesigning the instruments ... hope I come across more soon).

I'll be posting this to the mint green challenge as well.

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