January 21, 2009

Advance work for more Fabric Necklaces

While waiting for the 1" styrofoam balls to come in (just shipped Monday), decided to get started anyway. Selected several of the oblong scarves from inventory, cut and sewed (mostly) according to directions. I left the ends open 8-9" or so on a couple, and sewed the rest to the top. None were created to any specific length ... generally to the extent of the scraf. Thought I'd make the decisions on how to finish when I put in the styrofoam balls.

Drove over to Slidell this morning to visit Hobby Lobby. I wanted to pick up some cone beads to use to finish one or two ... no such thing in that store. (I know I didn't make them up). But, bought a couple different large hole bead sets to experiment with.

I think each take me a little over an hour to make to this stage ... Iron the scarf; cut the diagonals, pin & sew, trim, turn inside out, and iron. I'd know for sure if I could manage to keep my rear end in place from start to finish on one of these. But, as it is, I start, go do something else for awhile, come back and do a little more, etc. etc. etc. (good thing I don't have to make a complete living doing this !)

Stopped the sewing at 6. No since making a week long career of this until I decide I like them in different variations. I'll continue these when the styrofoam balls come in. Put the unused scarves and such back into their appropriate inventory boxes.

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