January 21, 2009

Fabric Sleuth ... Just what is it anyway

I'd decided awhile back that I've picked up more fabric than I'll ever use in my life. This was a real easy thing to happen since folks seem to sell it in lots ... a bag or box full. I went through the bag I picked up at the yard sale last Saturday. Ended up keeping about 6 pieces for it for myself (I'm going to make a quilt for Lilly and 2 pieces for inventory).

Then I moved on to that huge garbage can full that I picked up a couple months ago. These fabrics are almost exclusively from the 60's. The cotton pieces I can identify, but the majority of the fabrics, I have no idea what they are called, and hence, can't list them for sale. Like right .... list it as floral, silky feeling stuff with a little stretch ! I went out and googled 'fabric identification' a few times, but never ended up with anything that would allow me to comfortable tell a potential buyer what it was.

So ... to make a long story longer ... I cut small corners off a few of them and took to Hobby Lobby with me this morning. I got lucky, and the woman there was a sewing person. I put them down on the counter and asked if she would happen to know what they were, and she did .... First words she said were ... Oh Yes, these are from the 60's. (And, that's right ... I've found a variety of receipts that all place to the 60's). She said most of them were variations of knit polyester, single knit and single knit polyester. My closest guess had been rayon.

So ... now, I'll start going through these pieces of fabric and deciding which I want (some great vintage broadcloth in here that I'm saving for hats) and get the rest listed. I need to move out the things that I don't think I'll ever use .... my finds are taking over all my space !

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