January 28, 2009

Necklace 9, Believe / Fleur-di-leis in Progress

Ironically enough, the lobster clasps I bought a Michaels today are the same 'large' size that I already have. Over the last few visits to Hobby Lobby, as well as Michaels, have shown these as hard to get items ... i.e., they seldom have any and when they do, not in the size needed.

So, dug through my container of yard sale chains and came up with a clasp that I thought was acceptable for this piece. Attached it to the necklace.

Put it on and after about 30 minutes of wear decided that the little green disks do not perform well. They turn randomly and sometimes the other bead sets get stuck behind them.

Took off and put back on the workbench. Tomorrow I'll take a look back through inventory and find something else to replace the green disks.

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