January 28, 2009

Necklace 10 / Fiber Necklace with Beaded Bobbins

I had a whole variety of tasks planned for the afternoon, but instead ended up working on this necklace. It's been quite a learning experience. I'd made it down the left side and to the bobbins, when I realized I was going to need to trim some of the fiber 'hairs'. Woops ... I accidently cut two of the strings and had to start all over.

After some rethinking, decided I should be starting in the middle, not at one of the ends. Also decided I needed to lightly wire the bobbins together to keep them from running together when on.

When finished, I wore it around for a little while. It lays nicely, is lightweight and comfortable. I like the piece and might try another one sometime soon.

P.S.    I sent this to my sister and she loves it.   (She's an avid quilter).   She claims she is getting compliments everywhere she goes. 

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