May 05, 2009

Toe Rings and Margaritas

The last two nights we've sat on the back porch with Pam, watching Stella swim in the hottub, and drinking Margarita's. As it would be near impossible for me to just sit, I pulled out a collection of beads, some elastic cord and put together a bunch of toe rings. I made three of them for myself last year and am still wearing them ... surprising at how well they hold up. (The ones Beau bought me for Christmas last year have already bit the dust). After beading and tieing them, I'm putting a dab of clear caulk on the knot, and sliding the knot inside the large bead for protection.

Anyway, they were great amusement. I'll keep a couple for myself (a girl really needs a toe ring to coordinate with different outfits) and the rest I'll put into the next shoe ... on Saturday.

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