May 15, 2009

Vacation -- Day 1

So, we made the 7 hour trip via Southwestern flight to Memphis and then another to San Diego. It was a painfully boring set of flights. I do not do well in small confined spaces and have a tendency to wiggle extensively trying to find just one comfortable position. Beau is incredible patient.

We arrived around noon, picked up our rental car and checked into our hotel. By 1pm, we were having a really good lunch and pitcher of margaritas at Cafe Coyote in Spanish Old Town. After lunch, we wandered through some of the shops and a few of the historic buildings. I bought a fun dangly charm bracelet from a glass artist. But, we grew tired (should have just had a margarita, versus the pitcher) and headed back to the room for naps.

We noticed on our way back to the room that our hotels had owl statues on the landings, apparently to keep away the birds .... perhaps not so effective.

Early evening we headed down to the beach. I decided to start Beau on the lowliest of beaches (uphill from here), also one of my favorites from teenhood, Ocean Beach. It appears in the 30 years I last visited this beach, its been taken over the the surfers. What used to be raging bonfires and a main street with multiple head shops, are now surf wear and accessories. We walked the pier and up and down the main street. Contemplated eating at Hodads, but the truth was 1) we were'nt really hungry and 2), there was a line at least 20 people out the door and my dear Beau is really not into lines. Instead, we had Starbucks coffee and headed out.

Then, on to Mission Valley for some brief shopping. It's chilly here in the beach regions. I'd forgotten that. We packed mainly shorts and quickly understood that we were going to need a couple pair more pants. Then back to the room for the night. An exciting lot we are !

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