May 15, 2009

Vacation - Day 2 - San Diego

I left San Diego when I was 21 years old ... that's 29 years ago. Except for a one two-week visit, I've never returned. There is no specific reason that I stayed away, I just never had any specific reason to come back. I found it immediately interesting that I mostly know my way around. Although there is substantial growth and changes here, it's still the same. I'd forgotten how chilly the beach areas are in May and immediately knew we largely brought the incorrect clothing for this particular trip. I'd forgotten how spottedly beautiful it here. By spottedly, I mean, in occupied areas, where we people water, its lush and beautiful. Flowers are in bloom everywhere ... almost to the point of growing wild. These is then surrounded by hills and valleys, blocks, sections of a yard, etc., of harsh and dry brush and weeds; a fire waiting to happen. Its like paradise surrounded by upcoming disaster. It's comfortable.

This particular hotel did not serve breakfast, so we headed out for Denny's, planning a large meal to hold us to dinner. We then checked out of the hotel, loaded the car and headed to the San Diego Zoo for our first planned day. Now, it's probably been 32 or more years since I've been to the zoo and I figured they must have something pretty incredible going on here for the admission price of $32.00/person when the rest of the country averages below $15.00. Plus, I wanted to show this beautiful place to Beau. Well, it is incredible, but, in my opinion, much of it has to do with the adundant flowers and greenery; it's like a zoo amonst a huge tropical garden. We spent 6 hours walking around and viewing. Think we saw about 60% or so; got lost a couple times. It is incredible. Worth $32./person, I think not ... but still incredible.

We left; me with very tired feet, and started our drive North to San Clemente where we checked into the Comfort Inn.

After a stop by the liquor store, where Beau happily discovered the sell Fat Tire Beer, and a rest, we headed out to find some supper. On a side street, we discovered Avila's El Ranchito and had another really great Mexican dinner, along with guac and margaritas. Followed that up with a walk down the street towards the beach and coffee with carrot cake from a street shop, before heading back for the night ... my feet still abit tired.

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