May 18, 2009

Vacation - Day 5 : Return to San Diego

Back to San Diego, which had been our intention. We'd just made the short detour up to San Clemente for the Doheny Blues Fest. We made a stop at the Oceanside visitor center (really nice folks in there), and they suggested we take the scenic route drive along the coast between there and La Jolla. It was a great suggestion; made a couple stops to view the beach. One of the wonderful things about this area is the level of activity; you can see people walking, running, skating and just out and about in general. That's versus our Southern heat mentality where you drive around and just assume there are people in those houses. Made a stop by Pacific Taco in La Jolla for lunch ... we are currently hung up on fish taco's (thank you Pam).

The plan for the afternoon is the USS Midway. Beau is a huge military vessel fan, and I'm a huge fan of Beau, so, there you go. We walked up and down, and up and down, and up and down, to see the quarters, the galley, sick bay, the laundry, the quarters, etc. etc. etc. Also saw a good number of vintage planes and Beau greatly enjoyed talking to some of the volunteers. Ended up spending the whole afternoon, it was 5pm by the time we left and, at least I, was growing abit tired.

So, drove into our next Comfort Inn, in Hotel Circle, showered and took a short rest. Then, dressed and headed into the Lamplight District downtown to RockBottom Brewery. We always try to visit the brewery's ... Beau loves beer, and, like I already said, I love Beau, so why not. The said the beer 'just okay, certainly nothing to drag home, but our dinners were very good.

Back to the room and some sleep; gotta do it all over again tomorrow and being away from home is quite exhausting !

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