May 20, 2009

Vacation - Day 6 - Around San Diego

No huge plans for the day ... just out and about ... basic sightseeing kind of stuff.

Started off with a visit to Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma. Only being 10am, it was quite chilly up there, but as the fog/haze started burning off, it has incredible views of the city and Coronado. Visited the original lighthouse, watched movie about the tidal pools at the visitor center and took a couple short walks

Back to the city for lunch. We were headed for a Chinese place (a POI on Garmin), but it had alot of orangish looking pictures in the window, which made the food look not at all appetizing, so ate at the Subway next door. One just can't go wrong with Subway. After lunch, made our first visit to the gas station ... gas here is about 75 cents/gallon more than home, which I think, has to do with the upgraded SMOG issues.

We made the drive across the bridge to Coronado Island and we walked around the Hotel del Coronado and down the beach aways. I collected a handful of small black and white shells to make a charm bracelet with when I get home ... kinda a memory bracelet. After that, a drive back across that incredible bridge and a stop by Seaport Village.

Seaport Village
is like a perfect tourist trap shopping kinda place. Lots of little shops with mostly inflated prices. We had two ice cream cones, which were over $14.00 combined. But, Beau found a really fun whirly gig at a kite shop, which he plans on hanging on the back deck at home. I found a great T-Shirt with Big Dog playing pool for Alex at the Big Dog shop.

Back at the hotel, sat in the hottub for awhile and rested. Then off to Outback for dinner. We'd planned on going to Blue Water Seafood, which Beau had seen on the Dives, Diners & DriveIns show on the Food Channel, but he pulled up the site to find the hours and saw the only sides they had were salad and rice and a good number of the reviews said the folks were uppity. So, there went that, and off to the familiar Outback, who almost always serve up a good and consistent meal. Then, over to Borders Book Store for coffee and book looking. (Seems we frequently go to book stores on vacation !).

Overall, a good day ... Beau is on (as usual) remarkable behaviour.

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