May 20, 2009

Vacation - Day 7 - El Cajon & Back

I grew up in El Cajon, a dry and gritty town of 95000 about 20 miles inland from San Diego. We drove there this morning to visit Mary. Mary was the mother of my best friend (who has passed) and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank her for the many kindnesses she offered through the years as well as find out where Cherie & Harry were interred. Unfortunately, we learned that Mary had also passed about 6 months ago. I am very sad and hope to learn that Thank You's and expressions of love and appreciation should never be put off, as the opportunity may never come again.

As far as El Cajon goes, as far as a new town center, it's changed very little and it's doubtful that I'll ever go back there again.

We drove back into San Diego and we visited Balboa Park for the afternoon. Late afternoon we went back to the hotel, and while sitting by the pool reading our books, a large high school graduation group hit the pool. At one point, there were over 35 teenagers (seniors) in the pool. It was so great ... I'd say the kids were hispanic, asian, white and black and, not only were they all getting along wonderfully, their mouths were clean (nary a foul utterance). We've seen alot of this type of thing over the last week ... different ethnic groups getting along wonderfully, and I so hope that we can see this moving to the southern areas soon!

Nothing exciting for there ... a trip by Michaels Craft Store for some elastic cord (my favorite bracelet broke), a routine dinner at Gordon Besch Brewery (Beau so does love trying new beer), and a stroll through the mall.

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