May 29, 2009

Vacation, Day 16 : Monterey to Santa Cruz

Okay, I'm getting really tired of restaurants and checking in and out of hotels ....

We left Monterey this morning and proceeded up Highway 1. The first stop was in Castroville, Home of the Artichoke. We stopped at a stand and ordered up some fried artichoke hearts. Now, I'm not usually much of an artichoke fan, but these were delicious. Also bought some black licorce, cherries and pineapple. Next to the stand in Castroville, an honorary artichoke statue has been erected. It's made of concrete and is situated right in the building alcove. (Wonder what came first ... the building or the concrete artichoke). Artichoke link ....

The a stop at the Elkhorn Slough . I was damp and windy so we didn't take the walks, however, met a really nice and informative woman at the visitor center and learned all kinds of stuff about farming in this section of the country.

Off to Santa Cruz. Beau had discoved a Flea Market open on Fridays and we went straight there. Two finds ... a ball of yarn (like I need anymore), and a container (perhaps 200) of keys. We then inquired on our Garmin for food and was guided off to Tortilla Flats for lunch. We have so been enjoying the mexican food here in California; it's quite different from either the Tex Mex we had grown acustomed in Texas or the bland facsimile they prepare in our section of Louisiana.

We checked into yet another Comfort Inn and spent the rest of the afternoon repacking our luggage so we only have to carry one bag into the hotel at the next stop.

We headed into town and walked around the mall and had burgers and fries at Armadillo Willy's over in Capitola. Overall, quite a nice day.

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