May 28, 2009

Vacation, Day 15 - Monterey CA

We decided to start the day with Breakfast at Dennys since we didn't think a picnic lunch was going to start out. Usually, if we eat a large breakfast, we don't get hungry again until dinner.

Then, drove back South to the Julia Phiffer State Park. There's a nice little walk there to an 80' waterfall, that's well worth seeing. From the time we left the car, to the waterfall lookout (at the Burns homestead) and all the way back to the car, this little bird followed us. We stop, and the bird would be perched somewhere near us. We got to joking about how perhaps birds were assigned jobs as we visitors arrived. And, this little bird was charged with making sure we stayed on our paths, got safely back to our car and got out of the park. Fun idea.

Then, on down the road to the Henry Miller Library. Quite an 'old-hippie' kinda place. Young folks playing guitar, playing kick-ball, drinking hot tea and setting up for a concert later that evening. We browsed through the books. Here's an interesting installation at the entry ... It's made with old crt terminals, rebar and electrical wire.

From there, we ventured on to the Point Lobos State park and took two hikes; one to see the seals and a second through some old tree stands with remarkable coast views.

Then, back to the hotel for a rest, followed by a stroll through Cannery Row in Monterey and dinner at Bubba Gumps ((( Great food and agressive service)

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