May 26, 2009

Two Very Tall Giraffe's in Morro Bay

I saw these two very tall giraffes outside a shop in Morro Bay and took quite a liking to them. I'd guess they were 12 feet tall and seemed to be made of some type of lightweight wood. The are two pieces and attach at the lower neck. I think they were something like $135./each.

Did I mention I really liked them. I'd love to have something like this, more in the 6 or 7 foot range to place on each side of the fireplace. I'm thinking papier mache and might try to put together a plan in a month or two (since I'm planning on painting the fireplace and doing a little design change anyway.

Looking at these remind we of being way back in the 5th grade. Their, one of the janitors built wood forms out of lumber and we kids wrapped them in layers of balled up newspaper, to shape a horse, and then mucho layers of papier mache and painted brilliantly fun colors. Believe when the were done, we gave them to the Kindergarten Class to ride on. Hummm ... it would be so fun to make something like that for Lilly.

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