May 25, 2009

Vacation, Day 12, Santa Barbara to Santa Maria

In on the the Travel Books, Beau saw their was a local festival where the artists draw in pastels/chalk in the pavement at the local church mission. It's a benefit where sponsors have purchased the space and paid the artists a stipend. The fundraiser comes from the extra from renting the space for the art and the shirts and food that are on sale. As there is little rain, the art is subjeced primarily to foot and car traffic. Whatever remains in July is power washed away. Apparently the sponsor for each piece gave the artist a theme (for example, coffee, marine, a religious icon, etc, and the artist was allowed to create anything they wished within the theme. Today was the final day for the work. The artists range from children at the local schools to, obviously, professional artists. Many of the pieces were already finished, but a couple were still in progress. The majority of these pieces are incredible.

Post the 4 pictures

Then, we saw signs for 2 yards sales. Can you believe that, yardsales on a Monday. The first two were a bust, but found a bag of assorted yarns and fibers for $3.00 and the third yardale that just materialized as we were finding ourway out. Now, these yarns are growing an interesting subject. I've frequently said that I seem to find things at yard sales in series. For example, for a couple months I see watches, colored pencils or irons at a lot of them, and then nothing. Well, it's like that right now with yarns and fibers. The big surprise is that I'm finding them both at home, as well as here in numerous spots on the west coast. I mentioned this to the woman yesterday (who was a fiber and jewelry artist), and she said she didn't know why but foks did not purchase many fibers pieces during the summer months. So, it was a time she routinely went through her materials to weed out the colors that were last winters and get ready for next season. So, obviously, I'm buying up last years colors. Beau keeps asking me what I'm going to do with all this ... and well, ummm ... I don't know.

My feet have been hurting, which after a couple hours makes the legs hurt and then I get a bit groucy. Of course, last years weight gain has alot to do with it, but also is the fact that I left my Birkenstocks at home (what was I thinking). Last night we looked up the closest Birkenstock Store and discovered it to be in Solvang, which is about 30 miles inland from Santa Barbara. I was expecting a dry little desert town, but was in for a big surprise. Seems awhile back, someone built a hotel with dutch archetechure and it caught on. Then, they filmed the movie, Sideways, there and it became very popular with tourist groups. The town grew and grew .... probably a couple hundred little shops, hotels, restaurants. And, to make it more interesting, by city ordinance, they allow no corporate chains ... no Starbucks, no Comfort Inn, etc. All little Mom & Pop type places. One of the horse and buggy drivers told Beau they get over 3500 tourist buses a year .... that's alot of shopping. It was fun looking around, and I bought myself a new pair of Birenstocks and hopefully, my feet will be much happier.

Then, off to Santa Maria where we must do a couple loads of laundry, have some dinner, plan tomorrow and get some sleep.

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