May 22, 2009

Vacation - Day 9,

This morning we made the drive back down to Point Loma, the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary, where my friends Cherie & Harry are interred. This was one of the major reasons I wanted to start our vacation in San Diego, and I was so happy to find them. Fort Rosecrans is a beautiful place. The boy scouts were coming in to place the flags for Memorial Day, and there was a funeral in progress with the gun salute. I was thankful I'd found them.

We saw this huge white castle looking building from the freeway in La Jolla and took the exit immediately to see what it was. Turned out, it's a Church of The Latter Day Saints. Massive does not describe it. Nor does just white in color ... it seems to sparkle as those silver filaments are embeded in the concrete. We drove into the parking lot, got out to take a couple pictures and then left. The only thing I could think was if a church can afford to be this oppulent, then they certainly don't need a tax exempt status.

In Dana Point, we got back on the Pacific Coast Highway. We had a picnic on a nice little strentch of beach, and stopped by the Boca Chico Environmental Reserve ... what a great place. Spent the night in Huntington Beach.

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