September 25, 2010

Just Like Moms' Electric Sissors

Last year I added a pair of electric sissors to my Christmas list.   I thought if I ever started any real 'sewing' (you know, versus the pretend) they would come in handy.    Beau bought me a pair online that he claims he even researched and they had good reviews.   The did a real good job cutting paper; but anything more than 1 layer of lightweight fabric, was out of the question.    I decided to keep them, however, as I do periodically go off on paper cutting spells. 

Sometime, earlier in the year, I brought home a big box of fabrics.   Stuck down in the box was a pair of electric sissors.    Although I didn't check to see if they worked, I tucked them away in a cabinet.

The other day, I was processing patterns for the Todays Treasure shop and I came across New Look 6720 and thought I'd make myself a pair of these wonderfully comfortable looking shorts.      I selected a piece of maroon, lightly pattern fabric from the cabinet and then, remembered I had the electric sissors.    Out they came.

Now, these sissors are quite old, evidenced by the lack of a polarized plug.  I cut out and pinned down the pattern and plugged in the sissors.   With great anticipation, I pressed the 'Geaux' button.

I remember in my early teenage years, Mother had a pair just like these, except they were pink; and I was never allowed to use them.   When she had the time, she loved to sew.    She layed the fabric out, and it seemed, just when I was watching something really great on TV, she'd turn them on and the loud HUMMMMMMMM, accompanied the the vibration from the tabletop, would drown out everything.   Well, maybe it's a slight exaggeration, but, they were loud.   Just like these.   And, not only did they make that vibrating I sound I recalled, I could feel the vibration in my hands.    And, do they cut ?   Why yes, they do.   Wonderfully.    The only deficiency I can find is the light doesn't turn.    I'll have to see if these tiny bulbs are still available. 

I image someone became to old to sew, or perhaps past on, and their loved fabrics were put into a yard sale.   Perhaps they were sad; perhaps they didn't care.   But either, whoever you are, I love these sissors and promise to put them to good use.  

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