September 26, 2010

Safe Harbor Fund Raising Event, Honey Gold & Vista

The other day, I met a very nice woman who is part of an upcoming event for Safe Harbor House, a domestic violence help organization for women and children.    She is helping to sponsor a fundraiser to benefit Safe Harbor.   In our conversation, she indicated some of the items they had received and other items that people were making to donate.   

Right about there, the lightbulb went on .... the Downsizing Box a Day Project that seems to have fallen on the back burner ... and I immediately committed to donating two pieces of art that I have stored away in the attic. 

On Friday I climbed up the fold-down stairs and started looking.   Well, most of the boxes are gone, but there are stacks of pictures, some framed, some panels and a number of concrete disk works, along with a few tables and mirrors.     I selected two items.  

They took a minimal amount of cleaning.   Surprising how clean the attic actually is ... more dust in the house than the attic. 

The two pieces I chose to donate for this event are :

Honey Gold
18" x 18" Mosaic Mirror
This piece was named for the china pattern of the primary glass.  It also incorporates in a few beads and glass gems.   Believe I created this around 1983.  

32" x 26" Mosaic, framed wall art
I'm not sure that I ever named this piece.   I went back through the Art Diary looking for it, but to no avail, which would imply that it was created 1986 or 1987.    The back was blank.  Apparently, I completed it, and had it hauled on upstairs to make room for the next project.    

I hope these two will assist in raising a few dollars to help a family. 

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Julie Bagamary said...

Your mosaics are beautiful!!