September 04, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday, 9/4/2010

As I've going though 'stuff' and trying to downsize just a bit, I haven't been going to yard sales.   The idea seemed abit counter-productive.    Beau, however, each Thursday, has been dutifully laying out the yard sale ads for me ... just in case.   I'll admit, I have looked, with the idea that should one of the churches have a sale, I might consider that.     Which, is just exactly what happened.    This morning the church up above Mr. Fish was having their annual.   And, since I go to that every year, I had to go.  

They didn't have nearly as much 'stuff' as was usual, but still enough to keep me occupied for an hour.  

Finds ....
  • A fabric covered sewing box filled with embroidery threads.    I didn't need the box, and, after taking out the threads, gave it back to them to sell again.    The threads are good timing; I'm running low on the bright colors for the Padillies.
  • A variety of laces.    One of these is a collar that I have immediate plans for; the rest will go to inventory. 
  • 6 Pins ... the type that go on clothing or bags.    Not sure why I'm still collecting these; must have at least 70 or 80 by now.   By, I am, and a quarter each is a fine price. 
  • A necklace made up of different sized silver metal disks.   Think I'll take this partially apart and attach it to a bag.  

Although it was fun, I still don't plan to return to my established yard sale circle until, at least, October, or later.

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