August 25, 2010

Provencial Bouquet - Day 4 of Box a Day Mission

Ya, I know ... it's been way more than 4 days.  Call this Good Intention meets procrastination !

Beau opened this box, he thought he saw a wood roach and rushed it to the Garage, where he opened, and thankfully, reported it was bug free (not that bugs would hurt mosaic any; it is just the thought ... he did head off however, to spray the attic ... just in case).

This piece is called Provencial Bouquet and is dated (one the back), March 2002.     And, of course, I remember it well.   It was made with a set of dishes I brought home called .... drumroll please .... Provencial Bouquet.   I suppose I was not to imaginative in the names, having a tendency to name pieces after the primary china pattern.  The dishes had the flower motif in the center and the edges were rimmed with the small blue flowers and dots.  It measures 11" Tall, 12" wide and the shelf stands out 5 1/2".  It has 4 pegs and weighs a whopping

This is, of course, a Peg Wall Shelf piece.   The first year or two that I worked mosaics, I had a tendency to craft functional items.   Functional pieces are wonderful blocks to build skills upon.  It is a real pretty piece, such a shame it's been in the attic so long.

I'm going to list it on Ebay and if it doesn't sell (Ebay is not really a great place to sell mosaics), I'll put it in my shop.    

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful piece. Functional too!!!