April 05, 2011

Button Necklaces

On Saturday, at the local Hosanna Church yardsale, I picked up this button necklace. 

It was laying next to a small bottle of buttons.   I picked them both up and dropped them in my bag as I always pick up buttons.  (Certainly not because I need them, I'm just unable to stop myself).     When I pulled it out of the bag, I discovered it was really quite nice and decided not to get out the scissors to cut the buttons off. 

An upclose view shows that it is a macrame button neckace.   I'm not sure how the looped the buttons in (I haven't done macrame in a good 35 years).   I put it on and wore it Saturday afternoon.   It's lightweight, stays in place very nicely, and is fun.   

This, of course, got me to thinking about button jewelry.   So, I headed on over to Artfire to see what the 'button jewelry' artists were up to these days.  

Well, if you want to make one of these, Beachet Crochet Designs has a PDF pattern to create a similar one.   Her pattern is crochet, so perhaps mine is also, versus macrame .... I don't know.  

Here a really nice variation from The Jewelry Workroom.

I really like this choker version as well from Kindred Images.

And this one, from Gregg's Goodies is marvelous.   It's chunky and looks substantial, but I bet it's light as a button  ....

Well, if you don't own an Button Jewelry, you might want to browse around and pick one out.   Wearing it feels so marvelous unique !


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Chrissy-jo said...

Thank you for featuring me in your blog! I love the other necklaces they are wonderful!