October 04, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday, October 4, 2008

The weather is looking so clear and nice that I decided I needed more than the usual 45 minutes for yard sales (Time it takes Beau to run). Dropped him off at the trailhead (he's running home) and started out. Not really as many as I expected (after 6 weeks of weather issues, thought all those planned yard sales would be busting at the seams to get out of the garage). There was a subdivision sale up in Abita Springs I visited. Since parking on our narrow subdivision streets is usually an issue, parked in the front and just walked through the neighborhood. Beautiful morning with a little exercise (of no use really, since I also partook of 2 brownies). Also made half the circle and stopped at 5 more.


  • 4 cans of spray paint for a quarter each
  • A funky little plastic guitar stand. Not sure I'm going to use this, but since I'm working on a couple of guitars at the moment, plust the fact it was just 50 cents, what the heck.
  • A beaded stand necklace
  • Two set of dangling crystals for a chandlier
  • A fringed/beaded string shawl
  • a fined tie-on belt.
  • 2 chain bracelets.

Had to stop at 10am ... Beau was patiently (or not) waiting at home for me to get there and BIS (Behind in seat) to leave for holiday ... have to drive to Bayport, TX to catch the ship

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