October 13, 2008

Winnie TX - Flea Market

There is a flea market in Winnie Tx that happens the weekend after the first Monday every month. AND, it just so happens, that the Sunday we were coming back from Holiday was this Sunday. Way back when we lived in Baytown we used to go to this market a couple times a year and it was great fun (at least I thought .... Beau would probably have taken the fifth). They kicked us off the ship around 10am and made to to Winnie by 11am.

Well, I was quite dissapointed. This is no longer the flea market of the past ... the one where losts of folks brought their stuff (instead of having a yard sale) and sold it. It's now more like alot of dealers setting up shops and tables and hoping to sell there stuff for a whole lot more than it's worth, or cheap stuff they bought in quantity and trying to resell. I was very disappointed and would probably not go back (even if I did happen to be in Winne on the right day).

BUT ... I did happen across a huge box of patterns. I sat down in the dirt an started shuffling through them. Beau was getting pretty impatient after about 15 minutes (at which point I'd found 3 that I really wanted). I asked the man how much and he said I had to buy the entire box ... WHAT !!! Anyways, Beau said okay and bought the darn box (I'm sure so that he didn't have to hear me be indignant the rest of the way home .. another 4 hours).

Got the box home and spent a good two hours the next day going through it. Wow ... this is alot of patterns. I found about 10 patterns that I wanted; scarves, cowls, and a couple that I'll be sending on to my sister. The rest I divided down by brand and number and put into a large plastic box for storage.

I've decided that I'm going to list all the extras in Etsy. The majority of these patterns are 50s - 70's and some are really great. It's going to be a major chore, however, Have to take them one by one, remove from the envelope (and tape the envelope if there are seam rips), remove and check the pattern pieces and instructions to make sure everything is intact, take pictures and list ... I'm going to try to commit an hour or two a day to this, and with that, maybe I'll have it down in a couple weeks. Ouch !!

If your interested in a vintage pattern, check out my supplies shop at: http://todaystreasure.etsy.com/

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