October 18, 2008

Guitar 2 / Ode

Came out to the studio this morning and started playing with some beads. Then, noticed Guitar 2 hanging unfinished on the wall and decided to was time to move on .... Moved the beads aside and brought down the guitar.

Put the original tuners (sprayed with gold) back on using clear silicone, versus the screws. There are only 4 tuners, versus 6, so layed in a gold medallion over the space of the missing two. Searched through a couple boxes of stuff to cover the tuner posts; settled on clear bobbins. Choose textured yarn for the strings. Secured and wrapped the yarn through the bobins, randomly strung with beads and secured at the base. Using a rug needle, pulled the yarn fibers from under the beads to create a soft texture. Choose a winged metal ornament from inventory, polished and secured at the strings base with the silicone.

Should have taken pictures before it got dark ... they didn't turn out well. I'll take a couple tomorrow ... as I decide how to finish this one off.

Oh ... I'm going to call this one 'Ode' Something may get added to that ... or not.

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