October 24, 2008

Light of Universe Tapestry

LuaPicked this wall hanging up at a yard sale (of course) a couple weeks back. I'd hung it on the handle of one of the french doors and it keeps falling off. So, I'm going to work it now and get it out of the way. The piece is canvas cloth, two layers sewed together, somewhat like a sealed pillowcase, with casng through the top for a dowel rod. It has a heavy woven cord for hanging, that is actually quite nice.

Washed and dried. Took to the studio and selected a brick red and slate blue colored paints. Painted the front and hung outside to dry. Chose these colors as the base as I think they will correspond nicely with the woven cord, which I've decided to reuse. Lub

I've been drippling words for possible use.

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